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    The vermouth route: the most traditional aperitif on the Costa del Sol


    Vintage is in vogue and it old customs are being practiced again in Málaga. That is what is happening at aperitif time, also known as vermouth time; making a stop on the way before lunch to drink this liqueur along with a delicious tapa. The most noble of drinks in Málaga is undoubtedly Vermouth, made from the local wine that characterises the province. Be sure to pay a visit to the establishments that sell it in Malaga. Take note of the vermouth route:


    1.     El Pimpi

    This is one of Málaga’s sunniest establishments. Under the title of “The re-emergence of vermouth,” El Pimpi has rescued this aperitif in its modern version. The house vermouth Quitapenas or vermouth of Casa Pimpillo, Malaga Virgen winery, are two of the specialities on offer at this place, where you can also enjoy wonderful views of the Malagan Alcazaba.

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    2.     Casa Lola

    In the heart of Málaga is Casa Lola, a tapas restaurant with an excellent house vermouth. After a long day of shopping in the centre, there’s nothing better than making a stop on the way and enjoying a lovely aperitif. This is an excellent place that is always lively, where you can people watch from its terrace on one side and, on the other, watch one of the most lively areas of the city.

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    3.     Taberna Tres Barriles

    This little tavern has become one of the meeting points for many Malagans who want to enjoy a delicious vermouth. Its main success is the care it has taken in preparing this aperitif for many years and will continue to take in order to keep this increasingly fashionable tradition alive. An intimate atmosphere for you to enjoy aperitif time.

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    4.     La Tranca

    La Tranca is in the very centre of Málaga, where you can find a wide selection of tapas that will win you over. This is a traditional local bar where you can spend a while chatting standing up as you drink a cool beer, a glass of house wine, vermouth, sherry or Muscatel. Enjoy that first glass of the day in the city’s warm lively atmosphere

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     5.     Antigua Casa del Guardia

    This winery has a tour and a passionate history. It dates from 1840, and the Queen of Spain herself, Isabel II, visited the facilities during one of her visits to Málaga to try its wines. Other esteemed visitors include Dr. Gregorio Marañon, poet Salvador Rueda, as well as politicians and artists. The tasting menu is extensive and has important varieties of Muscatel and Pedro Ximénez. If you come to the city of Málaga, be sure to have a vermouth in this historic establishment.

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    6.     Vermouth Brasas y Copas

    This young restaurant is based on traditional cuisine and has an extensive bar serving aperitifs. As its name indicates, it has traditional vermouths that can be accompanied by a varied selection of dishes. An attractive cosy place that looks after its customers, where you can enjoy traditional cuisine with a very varied selection of dishes prepared for all tastes.

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    7.     Bodeguita El Gallo

    In one of the most picturesque parts of the city you will find La Bodeguita El Gallo, a charming sunny establishment with a youthful atmosphere, where you can make a stop to have a glass of house vermouth accompanied by an assortment of Iberian hams or an Azuaga cheese board. Its home-made loin in tomato sauce, scrambled eggs or flamenquines tapas are the perfect accompaniment to your aperitif. Be sure to visit!

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    8.     Bar El Estrecho, Marbella

    This singular pub founded in 1954 in Marbella is an excellent option for having an aperitif in this Costa del Sol city. Some delicious olives accompany the house vermouth that has become quite an institution in the historical old quarter of the municipality. After a good breakfast and a stroll around the Plaza de los Naranjos, the pedestrian alleyways of the centre and the arts and crafts shops, there is nothing better that sitting down in Bar El Estrecho to enjoy the midday sun.

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    9.     Bodega de Antonio Muñoz, Rincón de la Victoria

    The  Bodega de Antonio Muñoz in Rincón de la Victoria brings together the highest quality wines, liqueurs and all kinds of alcoholic and soft drinks belonging to all the large brands. This wine shop has become quite an emblem of the city and is the ideal place to have a delicious vermouth. Here you can also taste its traditional Málaga Muscatel variety and buy samples of local wine to take home as gifts.

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     10.  Moscatel Vermouth

    If you have already taken note of all the bars we have included in this amazing aperitif route, pay special attention to the local Málaga Vermouth you can find at these establishments, which is called Moscatel. Some exquisite drinks are now being made from this grape variety, and Malagan Axarquía grows the best clusters on its fertile lands. We suggest you enjoy your trip to the Costa del Sol to the max and, when you make a stop, be sure to try its local products and accompany them with the best vermouth.


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