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    Bike routes through Conil de la Frontera – An Experience To Remember

    Rutas en bicicletas playas Conil

    How about we suggest some bike routes through Conil de la Frontera? Conil, like the other places on the Costa de la Luz, offers multiple and very different possibilities for lovers of bike experiences. In this dreamy enclave you can find mountain bike routes through the beaches of Conil for all tastes, through pine forests, the beach, paths, and dirt and paved roads… A wide range of options to choose from. The only thing you will need to worry about is checking your bike so you ride the track without any problems.


    bike routes through Conil de la Frontera


    Conil de la Frontera to Caños de Meca Route

    This route is relatively new, since it opened on 4th May. It is 8 miles long and goes from Conil de la Frontera to Caños de Meca, and its entire route runs parallel to the A-2233 road. It is a relatively simple, flat and quiet road, but very beautiful.



    Eurovelo 8

    The Eurovelo is not strictly speaking a route as such, since what we are talking about here is a European project to facilitate being able to travel on bike through different countries in Europe. We include it here because part of this project runs through the Mediterranean (from east to west) and it currently passes through 11 European countries: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Monaco, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and Cyprus.



    Calas de Roche (Cádiz)


    Calas de Roche and Conil de la Frontera

    This trail is a circular route that is almost 9.5 miles long. If you decide to do it, you will enjoy the wonderful landscapes surrounding Roche (different beach, pine forest and Mediterranean bush habitats). During the route you will also find species of sea juniper, a protected species and residence of the chameleon.



    Pinar y calas de Roche – Linear route in Roche, Conil de la Frontera

    This is a linear route that is approximately 6.5 miles long, so bear in mind that it will be the same distance if you return. Along this route you will see cliffs, pine forests and coastal landscapes. It starts in Connatur, a local farm in Roche, and we tell you that it starts here because it is important to enjoy one of the amazing and super healthy breakfasts made with the super food moringa so that you have the fuel to do the route. The coves and pine forest are worth it!



    Fuente del Gallo to Torre del Puerco

    One of the most popular routes to do both on bike and on foot is the route that starts from the so-called Fuente del Gallo with destination Torre del Puerco, an enclave that is located just before arriving at Sancti Pertri. It is a very simple route so anyone can do it and you will be able to enjoy incredible cliffs and amazing flora and fauna.



    bike routes through Conil de la Frontera


    Tips for enjoying a safe bike route


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    Hotel Fuerte Conil Resort

    If you really want to enjoy the beaches of Conil de la Frontera, your perfect place is Hotel Fuerte Conil-Resort, facing one of the most beautiful beaches of Spain, La Fontanilla and only 10 minute walk from the centre of Conil de la Frontera. This is an exclusive Andalucian-style hotel with almost 25,000 m2 of gardens, where you can take part in workshops, visits and free bike routes organized to the Roche coves, among other activities.

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