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    The best water sports to enjoy Marbella and the Costa Del Sol

    The privileged Costa del Sol offers endless sport options year-round. You can enjoy doing sports like tennis or padel, hiking, mountain biking or golf, the king of sports on the Costa del Sol. But when the sun comes out, the water plays the biggest role. Indeed, the Costa del Sol in general and Marbella in particular are a true paradise for water sports lovers. With mild winters and over 320 sunny days a year, Marbella would not be complete without a good offering of water activities where you can enjoy the waves, the deep sea or refreshing tours of natural settings. An unbeatable offering!

    We have found the best water sports on the Marbella coast and surrounding area so you can try them this summer and learn more about this incredibly beautiful part of the Costa Del Sol. Read on to find out more.


    Jet skis

    Do you like driving? Well, look no further, since gliding through the waves on a jet ski is one of the most fun and exciting activities you can do. With good weather and sun, it is one of the most recommended sports if you enjoy an adrenalin rush and having fun. What’s more, if you are passionate about motor sports, riding a jet ski will be quite an experience for you.


    Dare to feel like you can fly at a height of over 230 ft; dare to feel like a bird while safely harnessed to a boat. We can assure you that you will enjoy a true sensation of peace and tranquillity. And if this has still not convinced you to enjoy this activity, let us just say that the views will make this an unforgettable experience, since you will be one of the privileged ones who will be able to say that they have enjoyed the Marbella coast from a new perspective.



    You probably did not know that in Marbella you can enjoy a rich, varied and, above all, incredibly beautiful seabed. If you are a diver, you have surely heard that Marbella is home to a large amount of pretty peculiar marine life, and it has to be said that there are even some shipwrecks. On the Marbella coast you can find endless places to enjoy diving. This activity is designed both for beginners, since Marbella does have shallow waters, and for more experienced divers, who can enjoy some deep-sea exploration.



    Do you want to feel like Ironman and enjoy an adrenalin rush? Then you’ll love flyboarding, an exciting experience which lets you fly over the sea. You just need to meet a couple of requirements: some equilibrium, some strength and most importantly…  an adventurous spirit. We’ll tell you a secret about this activity: it’s really easy. Indeed, you’ll barely need any prior experience. It’s a very intuitive activity and you will amaze yourself in no time by doing a pirouette.


    Boat trips

    After the excitement of the activities, we’ve just been talking about, you surely think that a boat trip might be a little pedestrian. Nothing could be further from the truth. Enjoying a wonderful tour from Puerto Banus to Marbella or even to Gibraltar is not boring in the slightest. And if you think that taking a dip in crystal clear waters far away from the crowds is not for you, try it because we can assure you that it is a true pleasure.



    Are you willing to surf with a kite and harness the power of the wind as you glide along the sea? Do you fancy flying over the waves and feeling the adrenalin course through your veins at the speed of the sea? Kitesurfing offers you this and many more sensations, so if you have not yet been lucky enough to enjoy it, we suggest you try this activity which will surely elicit several screams of joy.



    Wakeboarding is the best way to enjoy a different type of water sport. This exciting activity allows you to glide on a board while being towed by a motorboat, which can seem dangerous before you do it, but then you end up realising that it’s the most fun thing in the world. We can also assure you that at the end you will end up doing more than one pirouette on the water as you are towed along the waves.


    Cable skiing

    After telling you that you can go wakeboarding in Marbella, with cable skiing, we want to go one step further. So how would you feel about putting what you learned from water skiing into practice, but this time being pulled by a system of cables along Guadalmina Alta natural lake?



    Kayaking is an activity for those of us who want to spend some quiet time gliding over the waves to the rhythm of our own breathing, and if you can enjoy the Mediterranean landscape at the same time, what more could you want? The plus offered by Marbella for kayaking is that you will have the chance to choose from doing it on the sea or on one of our fabulous lakes or rivers.



    The Costa del Sol in general and Marbella in particular has the ideal climate conditions for sailing. As you sail along the Marbella coast, you can enjoy the journey itself like never before, and the wonderful views while you do the next water activity we suggest.


    Whale watching

    One of the most wonderful experiences we can guarantee you will experience if you travel to Marbella is whale watching, more specifically dolphin, pilot whale and orca watching. In the Alboran Sea you will find a fabulous sanctuary where you will spend an amazing day.


    In conclusion then, we can say that doing water sports in Marbella will make your summer very special, since you will enjoy unforgettable experiences like never before.


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    Where To Stay

    El Fuerte Marbella

    If you want to feel the adrenaline of all these sports, do not hesitate to stay at the best hotels to get the best out of each of them. The best option certainly is Fuerte Hoteles. The chain has branches where you can enjoy the best of each area throughout the province, in addition to its services. Its more than 60 years of experience are the best guarantee. Marbella, or Torrox are some sites where you can find this amazing accommodation.

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