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    Worth a visit: discovering the best beaches in Marbella

    Playas de Marbella

    If you ask the inhabitants of sunny Marbella: What is so special about Marbella beaches?; What are the best beaches in Marbella to visit during your holiday?; or Where are the best beaches in Marbella?, we are sure that they will mention all the ones we indicate below. Here there are not just one or two cool beaches. Oh no, in Marbella, almost every beach is idyllic, which is why this Costa del Sol city has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain both for Spanish visitors and foreign tourism.

    The endless beaches full of charm (nothing more and nothing less than 23 beaches along its 17 miles of coastline) and its culture and traditions attract people of all ages looking for a fun and complete tourist experience. But there is a reason why this destination attracts so many visitors throughout the summer: to enjoy its climate and, above all, its beaches, since no other coastal city in Andalusia province has more Blue Flag beaches.



    Ancón Beach

    El Ancón Beach Is located on Milla de Oro and is a long and wide fine sandy beach that attracts huge crowds in the summer period. This beach is home to Victor’s Beach, one of the most famous beach bars in Marbella.

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    Nagüeles Beach

    Nagüeles Beach is also located next to Marbella Club in the heart of Milla de Oro. At this beach you can enjoy a fabulous promenade and multitude of amenities, from beach bars to eat or drink something as you escape the heat to places offering leisure activities, all with disabled access. Nagüeles Beach is very famous, so it gets pretty busy in the summer period, though in winter it is the ideal place to spend a quiet day.

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    El Faro Beach

    El Faro beach is located in the center of Marbella, next to the Marina and close to the Parque de la Constitución. It is a small and crowded beach, both in summer as in the rest of the year.

    The promenade is full of restaurants, bars and shops, the area is very lively; the beach also has all kinds of amenities, it should be noted that it has access for the disabled.

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    Venus Beach

    La Venus Beach is located in the heart of Marbella city centre, next to Río Represa. It is a very famous and busy beach due to its amazing location, since it is located in the heart of the promenade. It’s vicinity offers all manner of amenities, from restaurants and bars to shops, all with disabled access.

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    Bajadilla Beach

    La Bajadilla beach sets the beginning of the Marbella promenade, it is right next to the fishing port: its extent and low depth make it suitable for children, although it should be noted that there are some rocks in the water. Its occupancy rate is high, it is one of the busiest beaches of the city: in the summer, finding a place can be difficult.

    La Bajadilla beach is divided into two large areas of golden sand, separated by a narrow rocky strip, ranging from the Varadero Restaurant up to Amare Beach Hotel. Then, La Bajadilla continues until Aparthotel Princesa Playa, adjacent to the beach of La Venus. There is the possibility to rent parasols and sunbeds.

    To eat, you have many options: El Varadero, Amare Beach Club and all the restaurants in the fishing port, like Puerto Playa, La Relojera or Canuto, that offer fairly inexpensive daily menus, in addition to the normal menu.

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    Cable Beach

    El Cable beach is located at the entrance of Marbella, between the fishing port and the famous arch: is frequented by many tourists, but this beach is one of the best known, recommended and appreciated by the locals, since the occupancy rate is lower with respect to the beaches of the city center.

    It is the widest beach of the city, of dark sand and a moderate swell: it is suitable for families with children, with shallow waters, although there are some stones when entering. Groups of friends also enjoy it, because during the summer a lot of activities are always organized such as beach volley tournaments, fitness on the beach or sandcastle contests.

    There are plenty of beach bars, here you will find, for example, La Dolce Vita or Hipódromo Playa, and you can walk to the well-known Babaloo, already on El Pinillo beach (the ‘extension’ of El Cable beach, heading to Malaga). They are a good place for lunch or a drink, they offer cheap daily menus and à la carte dishes. They also have sunbeds and parasols for rent.

    Those who wish to spend their holiday in Marbella close to this beach, can choose to rent an apartment like this in La Marina, or this one facing the sea.

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    Guadalmina Beach

    Guadalmina Beach is located in a neighbouring locality of San Pedro de Alcántara. Thanks to vehicle access to this beach being very limited, it is a pretty quiet and peaceful place, though it has some spectacular views of Gibraltar and Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Guadalmina is full of cute coves and also home to the ruins of the Roman baths of Ciliana and the Almenar Tower. Here you can find leisure, peace and quiet, and culture. What more could you want!!!

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    Linda Vista Beach

    This beach is located in the municipality of Marbella, in San Pedro de Alcántara, in the Linda Vista estate area. Away from the center of Marbella, it turns out to be a beach most frequented by the locals than by tourists, at least not during the summer.

    Offers good amenities and all kind of facilities, it can be easily reached by car and in its surroundings usually there aren’t any parking problems.
    The promenade is long and wide, perfect for jogging or simply strolling under the Sun.

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    San Pedro de Alcántara Beach

    With all kinds of amenities, a nice promenade and several bars, San Pedro de Alcántara beach is one of the best-known beaches in the municipality of Marbella, although not one of the highest quality.

    In summer its occupancy rate is high, while during the rest of the year is maintained in a medium level. It is a suitable beach to relax and stroll, enjoying many bars and beach bars, without nearby buildings.

    If you arrive here by car, you won’t have difficulty parking; If you come by bus you have to walk for a few minutes, since the stop is not so close to the beach.

    It should be noted that this beach has access for the disabled.

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    Playa del Cortijo Blanco

    Cortijo Blanco beach is right next to the homonymous estate, already in the area of San Pedro Alcántara: it is a semi-urban stone beach with a moderate swell, it is one of the quietest of Marbella, although not one of the best. Its occupancy rate is low throughout the year, except in summer.

    If you are looking for tranquility, this beach is a good alternative. If you arrive by car, on the streets that cross the surrounding developments there is usually trouble finding a parking place.

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    Nueva Andalucía Beach

    Nueva Andalucía Beach is one of the most special and prettiest beaches on the whole of the Costa del Sol and is characterised by its coves and typical Mediterranean sand (dark and thick). Special mention must be made of its promenade that offers visitors a pretty panoramic view of Puerto Banús while they walk alongside palm trees and a multitude of places to have a drink and cool down.

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    Playas de Puerto Banús

    Next to the Marina of Puerto Banus are two of the most popular beaches in Marbella, Río Verde and Duque beaches.

    Puerto Banus beaches are among the most famous of Marbella and certainly among the most popular.

    Going from Marbella to Puerto Banus you will find Rio Verde beach first, separated in two by the homonymous river.
    The part closest to the marina is also known as Puerto Banus beach.

    Amenities are excellent, here you will find beach bars, hammocks, bins, shops, restaurants… Although the price is not at all affordable, since we are in one of the most expensive areas of Marbella.

    Amenities are similar to the Río Verde beach, although here the surroundings offer no shops or restaurants, since the coastline runs parallel to hotels and luxury housing developments. There are plenty of beach bars and they are the best choice when it comes to eating.

    Both beaches are protected by breakwaters and its waters are calm, so many families choose them to take their children to the sea.

    Although water covers a little more than in other areas of Marbella, almost zero waves is ideal to let children play and bathe with them.

    If you like to walk or you’ve rented a bicycle, taking the promenade that connects Marbella to Puerto Banus is a pleasure… get up fast and start your day at the beach with a good walk, then you can regain your strength lying in the Sun!

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    Los Monteros

    Los Monteros is one of the city’s semi-urban beaches and it’s vicinity is home to some of the most luxurious developments on the Costa del Sol. One of this beach’s particular features is that along its 1.25 miles we can find dune formations (like at La Adelfa, Río Real and Realejo Beaches). Los Monteros is undoubtedly one of the beaches for enjoying a quiet day sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

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    El Alicate

    El Alicate is a beach that, while not overly busy in summer, is one of the most charming in the locality, which is thanks to its golden sands and crystal clear waters. It is also next to one of the coolest developments on the Costa del Sol, home to famous people such as Antonio Banderas, the most international Malagan.

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    Real de Zaragoza

    Real de Zaragoza Beach, while very narrow, is also very long. This beach is considered by its visitors to be one of the best in Marbella, since its golden sands and crystal clear waters are perfect for relaxing and spending a wonderful day lying under the Mediterranean sun. As for amenities, it has to be said that here you will find a multitude of bars and restaurants where you can have a drink and shelter from the sun.

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    Playa de Las Chapas

    Las Chapas beach is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Marbella, but not overly busy.

    While in summer the number of visitors increases, the occupancy rate of this beach remains medium all year-round.

    You can get here by car, as there is a parking lot with one hundred places, and also by bus, the L-7 line stops at about one km away from the beach.

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    Cabopino has become one of the beaches on the Malagan coast most popular with tourists, due to the fact that it borders the protected Artola Dunes. So we recommend you visit it, since it is beautiful and worth seeing and enjoying. While it is very popular, it has to be said that if you pay it a visit, you can find a corner to sunbathe in and relax to the max.

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    Holidays are short, we know, but we pay a high price for getting too much sun in the long run, so go to the beach as much as you want, but make sure you tan gradually.



    In addition to your skin, you must also take good care of your eyes, so get yourself some sunglasses that you like to protect them. You have no excuse not to, since there are fortunately now many brands that offer sunglasses that meet all the requirements (good, cute and well-priced).


    3. HYDRATE

    Drink lots of fluids and don’t forget to hold onto your empty bottles until you find a bin to dispose of them.



    When you go to the beach, you must take a bag for all your rubbish to then dispose of in an appropriate place.

    And, lastly and most importantly: enjoy and recharge your batteries because you are on holiday.



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