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    28 things to see and do in Nerja and Torrox, the city of Europe’s Balcony

    Cosas que hacer y ver en Nerja

    Nerja is one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol, especially in summer. It is one of the eastern cities of Malaga that is characterized by its rich heritage, as well as its beaches, making it a summer resort for domestic and foreign tourists. One of the things that make Nerja special is its climate, which like Torrox Costa, a neighboring city, has a wonderful temperature throughout the year so they are both two Malaga cities par excellence perfect not only for the summer season but for the whole year in which to see and do a multitude of activities.

    Nerja became known for the famous Verano Azul series and thanks to this its beaches are the ideal paradise for those looking for a perfect destination for their summer vacations. Family-friendly, full of daytime and nighttime entertainment, and with a historical heritage, there are many things to see here. One of them is to visit the caves of Nerja, which are a monument of prehistoric times preserved in the city. In addition to the historical legacy, Nerja has spectacular beaches with crystal clear waters such as the beaches of Maro, a spectacle of wild nature where you can do things like kayaking or other water activities. There are many things to see in Nerja and Torrox Costa, so we leave you a list of everything you can do in these two Malaga paradises.


    Things to do in Nerja


    1. Enjoy the view from the Balcony of Europe

    If you want to experiment a feeling of freedom, don’t think twice and have a good look through the Balcony of Europe. An endless Mediterranean Sea unfolds at your feet, as if there was nothing else on the other side. Hence the name, since you feel like you have reached the end of the continent being there. Don’t hear about it, experience it yourself!

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    2. Relax in the beaches of Maro

    These beautiful coves along Maro Cerrogordo stand out with its cliffs and rock formations that give the place a very wild appearance, bewitching everyone who visits it. A place loaded with romanticism and bathes by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea which you cannot miss if you want to relax in a very natural environment.

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    Maro Natural Park – Cerro Gordo, route through the wild beaches Nerja hides under the cliffs


    3. Travel back to Prehistory at the Caves of Nerja

    If you like art, you must visit the Caves of Nerja. The stalactites and stalagmites formed through the years will take you to another world to discover the origins of men. Here 42,000-year old seal pictures have been found, which could be considered the first works of art for Humanity.

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    4. Have a paella at Chiringuito el Ayo

    There is nothing like eating paella in Chiringuito el Ayo de Nerja. This establishment is very famous in town due to its close connection with the famous TV series “Blue Summer” where the protagonist, “Chanquete” would come to try their dishes. Are you going to miss this opportunity?

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    Chiringuitos (beach bars) in Nerja and Torrox Costa where you will lick your fingers.


    5. Drive a quad bike

    In Nerja you have the chance to drive a quad bike to discover the wildest landscapes of the city and part of the comarca of Axarquia. An excellent plan to enjoy nature and live an authentic adventure.


    6. Try organic products

    If you like tropical fruit you are lucky: you are located in Axarquia. Mangos, avocados and custard apple are some of the delicious fruits you will find in organic markets spread throughout Nerja, Torrox, Torre del Mar and Rincón de la Victoria. Do not leave without trying organic jam, mango flavoured.

    Know the markets, trails and themed markets in Malaga’s Axarquia: local and indigenous purchases


    7. Wandering around the historical centre

    Nerja is a beautiful city with a very colourful historical centre built in 1487, with narrow streets and white façades. While you walk around the town you’ll see many squares where you can seat, and many examples of Andalucian religious architecture at its best.


    8. Shopping in Nerja

    In the narrow streets of Nerja, near the Balcony of Europe, there are many establishments where you can find local products in addition to many hand crafted objects. The city has no major shopping centres so this area still retains the flavour of old trade and markets.

    Shopping in Nerja. The most delightful shops next to the Balcony of Europe


    9. Enjoy sardine espeto

    The prize for good espetos in the Easter coast of Costa del Sol is given to Chiringuito Mauri in Nerja. At the seaside you will see a garden with views of the Mediterranean Sea, the perfect spot to enjoy this typical food from Malaga. Do not miss this great way of cooking sardines.

    Espetos: the best way to eat sardines, Andalucian cuisine


    10. Bike riding

    Riding a bicycle in Torrox and Nerja is very easy because they are places where you will find bike paths equipped for your ride, or for training if you really want to do intense sports. Sierras de Tejeda and Almijara are those places in Eastern Costa del Sol to do intense physical exercise with your mountain bike.


    11. Route Cahorros del río Chillar

    The Chillar River is one of the best-known for river routes in the province of Malaga. Perhaps what you did not know is that it keeps a secret of nature, which are the cahorros del río Chillar. It is a route within the riverbed itself that starts in a splendid eucalyptus and when you reach the cahorros you can enjoy the most beautiful of nature as it is a large pool of crystal clear water that is located after narrow rocks and with many nooks and crannies. It is undoubtedly one of the things to do in Nerja, even if you go with children because it is the most affordable and comfortable route for them.

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    12. Discover the route of Blue summer

    Another option you have in Nerja to know its most emblematic corners is to make the route of the famous TV series Verano Azul. Meet the scenarios where this Spanish series was filmed and that have left places as special as the boat Chanquete hand guides who will tell you the anecdotes of this production in addition to the history of the city.

    Discover Nerja through ten key points along the route of the legendary series “Verano Azul” (“Blue Summer”)


    13. Taste the local wines

    Axarquia is known for the quality of its wines. Here the grapes and the local products derived from it are cultivated here. Therefore you can do wine tasting in the cellars of the city or in the region of Nerja.


    14. Snorkeling and underwater scooter in Nerja

    The beaches of Maro are among the most beautiful and wildest in Spain. They are a spectacle of nature where you can enjoy rocky landscapes and waterfalls, as well as crystal clear waters. These beaches are the destination for lovers of snorkeling and underwater scooter and is that doing this will allow you to enjoy and see with your own eyes the richness of the aquatic fauna and the underwater landscape.

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    The best places to scuba dive, dive or snorkelling in Andalucia


    15. Experiencing a kayaking route

    The adventurous spirit is not left behind if you are in Nerja. Here you have the opportunity to explore many kayaking routes that you will also be able to enjoy with your children. Maro Beach, Emerald Lake, The Route of the Pirates or a visit to the waterfall are some of the areas through which you can navigate with your oars in this fun craft.


    16. Enjoy the  nightlife

    If the town of Nerja has something in the evening are its varied contrasts. In the easternmost town of Costa del Sol the environments breathing throughout the day are numerous, but the spell of the night makes it different.

    Nerja nightlife. A night out on the town.


    17. Enjoy a mojito on Torrox promenade

    On the promenade along the coast of Torrox, you can find bars where you can enjoy a refreshing mojito while gazing at the sea. During the day, coffee and ice cream are the specialties, and when the sun sets, cocktails become the stars of the evening. An ideal place to enjoy your mojito in peace.

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    Discover ten places to refresh with the best mojitos in Aldalucia


    18. Travel by boat

    One of the things you can do in Nerja is to travel by ship. This is especially exciting if you are travelling with a group of friends. A captain will control the vessel while you jump into the sea to have a swim, sunbathe on the deck or enjoy the views this special spot in the coast of Neja has to offer.


    19. Visit Torrox´s lighthouse

    In Torrox Costa, next to a promontory towards the sea, we can find a lighthouse that was put into operation for the first time in 1864. This lighthouse is formed by a 23 metres-high stonework circular tower that ends in a double gallery lantern. As a curiosity, Torrox’s Lighthouse is the only one assigned for public-cultural use since inside it we can find the marine museum.

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    20. Church of El Salvador

    It is the main church of Nerja, located between Plaza Cavana and the promenade of the Balcony of Europe, very close to the descent to the beach of the Hall and next to a large tree called Cerote. Inside you can see the mural of the Incarnation, a work of Aurelio Teno. In addition it is one of the few temples with images of the three Archangels it is remarkable to indicate that San Miguel is the pattern of Nerja.

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    21. Ascend to la Maroma

    For lovers of climbing and high mountain, Torrox offers you La Maroma. This peak with its 2,065 m of altitude belongs to the Sierra Tejeda and is a relatively difficult trail but that has many interesting things to see. During the ascent, we will be able to see the different bioclimatic levels that coexist here, each of which has a multitude of vegetal species that are very difficult to see in other spaces within this same park.

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    22. Roman villa of Torrox

    Torrox’s Lighthouse Archaeological Area is a site from the first to the fourth century AD, which is formed by a curing factory, a villa, a necropolis, ceramics production kilns and baths.

    We recommend that you also take your time to see the mosaics as they are especially rare and are in a splendid state of conservation. We also highlight the state of conservation of part of the Roman road. Visit this spot and we assure you a great trip to the most distant past of Malaga’s East Coast.

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    Archaeological sites that will transport you to Andalucia’s Roman Empire


    23. Visit the Aguila Aqueduct

    This spot is also known as Puente del Águila and is located in the Barranco de la Coladilla. This construction was built two centuries ago to carry water to the mills of the Sugar Factory of San Joaquin de Maro and it is formed by four floors of superposed arcs that cross a great unevenness of ground.

    It is quite difficult to find because it is located on the side of the road when we head to Maro, so we leave the exact location so you do not miss it.

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    24. Paseo de los Carabineros

    It is said to be one of the most beautiful places in Nerja next to the Balcony of Europe, an emblematic place of the city. However, for decades it has remained closed due to the risk of landslides. Although the reform has not been completed in its entirety, after years, some sections are already open and can be seen and toured. This Paseo de los Carabineros belongs to the coastal path of Nerja so a walk along it is a luxury and one of the things you can see in this town of Malaga.

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    25. El Acebuchal

    They call it the lost village and it has been a well-hidden secret of Malaga. The Sierra de Almijara, Tejeda, and Alhama hides a magical corner called Acebuchal. A small rural corner where hardly any inhabitants live and there are only 33 houses. However, this paradise in the middle of nature and very close to Nerja and Torrox, is an oasis for those seeking the tranquility and beauty of this village. Without coverage, with the cobbled streets of this corner of Malaga, the few white houses, and dressed in pots on the facades, this magical village has been recovering thanks to the fact that in 1998 after 49 years abandoned, the García Sánchez family decided to rebuild it and turn it into a rural destination where you can make a getaway for a few hours and find the real disconnection.

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    26. Treat yourself to a gastronomic experience at La Farola

    It is the best-known restaurant par excellence of Torrox Costa. It is mythical in the city for its quality and dishes in which you will find a multitude of gastronomic options of traditional and modern cuisine. However if there is something in which they are specialists in the Farola is the rice with prawns, one of the star dishes of the restaurant along with the entrecote.

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    27. Rest on the beach of El Morche

    El Morche Beach is one of the best-known beaches in Torrox Costa and one of the most accessible for families. This dark sand beach is mythical in this Malaga town and is one of the things you can do in Torrox to disconnect and spend a family day on a beach with gentle waves and has all the services you need such as restaurants, beach bars, parking and access for people with reduced mobility.

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    28. Frigiliana

    On your trip to Nerja or Torrox, one of the things to see is Frigiliana. It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Just a few minutes’ drive from Nerja, this village is magical. With lots of light and history, Frigiliana awaits you with its cobbled streets of the old town, with its potted facades and white houses. Walking through this village of steep alleys and enjoying the walk through its beautiful streets is one of the things you cannot miss.

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