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    Discover Nerja through ten key points along the route of the legendary series “Verano Azul” (“Blue Summer”)

    This summer is still blue because TVE2 has decided to show reruns of the legendary eighties television show that was all the rage for a generation. Verano Azul and its endearing character, Chanquete, have excited audiences for over thirty years after that amazing summer showing a gang of kids in the incomparable setting of Nerja. Latin America and many European countries such as France, Poland, Bulgaria and Portugal have surrendered to the charm of this Spanish production. If you come to the province of Málaga, come to Nerja and discover its stunning scenery. Here are the ten keys that you need to know about to visit first-hand the most interesting places found in Verano Azul.


    Cueva del gato verde and Cueva de Nerja

    If this city in Málaga is famous for anything, it is for its prehistoric heritage as reflected in the famous Cueva de Nerja. In one episode, one of the youngsters has an accident in the cave and this whole episode shows this rock art masterpiece. However, the exteriors shown are of the Cueva del Gato Verde, also in the same area but harder to access, so the dialogues occur in the first cave. Come to this exceptional location where stalactites and stalagmites take you back to ancient times and where various events and cultural tours are organised.

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    Chiringuito Ayo

    The Costa del Sol in Spain is known for the quality of its chiringuitos (beach bars). In Verano Azul, the Chiringito Ayo is a favourite of the characters in the series. Located on the beautiful beach of Burriana, it is easily recognised by the vines covering it and by the small pyramid on top. Here Chanquete enjoyed his favourite dish, paella. Its sandy floor retains the charm of these establishments from the eighties. If you come to the area, don’t forget to stop by this place and try the wide range of Mediterranean dishes it offers. Taste the best Andalusian cuisine.

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    Balcón de Europa

    The most beautiful images from the series were shot on the unmistakable Balcón de Europa. This special place overlooks the Mediterranean Sea where the feeling of freedom washes over you. It was named after King Alfonso XII visited the area in 1885 after a disastrous earthquake and was captivated by the view. He was the monarch who came to this place to check the damage caused by the earthquake and gave it the name it has today because when you were there, it seemed to be followed by Africa, hence the name “Balcony”. A spectacular viewpoint from where you can see the immensity of the sea and where you can see the most spectacular pictures from Verano Azul. Don’t miss this if you are traveling to Nerja.

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    Chanquete’s boat

    La Dorada is the name Chanquete gave his boat and where he spent much of the series. This typical white, red and blue fishing boat was the home of the iconic star. The ship no longer exists but there is a replica in the Verano Azul Park which the town named in honour of this production and which would push the city into public view. This site includes a playground where every nearby street has the name of a character from the series. Come to this area and take a nice walk in the evening.

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    Playa del Molino de la Miel (Honey Mill Beach)

    The Playa del Molino de la Miel is one of the most beautiful locations in the series and remains intact today. This natural area held several unforgettable scenes in this production, for example, the time they played “blind man’s bluff”, and the time the gang went out plucking petals from daisies. And so, on the cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo, some memorable snapshots have been taken and the views are astonishing. You mustn’t miss this area if you visit Nerja; it will leave you with your mouth open.

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    Nerja by bike

    Verano Azul showed the youngsters from the most famous eighties gang whistling while riding their bikes. And a very healthy option for looking around the city is can also be on bike. Feel the sea breeze in your face as you make out the famous cliffs in the distance and you’ll see every inch of this beautiful town which became famous throughout the world thanks to this show. Who hasn’t dreamed about a “blue summer” in Nerja? Don’t miss your chance.



    City Hall

    The City Hall in Nerja appears repeatedly throughout the series. It is located on the street Carmen which leads to the Balcón de Europa and retains the charm of the old halls. Its most characteristic feature is its huge white tower where the flags fly. The main feature of this city building is the environment and you can have a nice walk and lose yourself in the surrounding streets full of craft shops and bars. The city shield crowns this building where the characters visit the mayor on multiple occasions.

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    Playa de Calahonda

    The Calahonda beach is a small cove next to the Balcón de Europa. Fans of the series will remember it in the first episode in which Julia and some guys are introduced. The place still retains its same charm. This site is ideal not only for enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean Sea but for taking spectacular photographs where the horizon seems to stretch out forever. Come and bathe in its waters, and remember those special moments the stars of the series had here.

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    Plaza de Cavana

    Another place which appears several times in the series is the Plaza Cavana which is very close to the seafront. It has hardly changed and neither has the bar where Tito appears in the episode “Beatriz, mon amour” talking to his sister and her “boyfriend”. It’s a nice episode that advertises this corner of Nerja. The plaza is very close to the El Salvador Church where you can also discover the religious culture of the area.

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    Guided tour by Miguel Joven (Tito)

    One of the characters in the series, Miguel Joven, who played little Tito, still lives in Nerja and acts as the guide for the municipality running organised tours, showing the locations used in this production. The young actor, in addition to showing the nicest parts of the city and Chanquete’s famous boat, tells the stories of the recordings and about his experiences were. A special opportunity to experience the town while hearing the more intimate side of this series.


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