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    Sports and nature Don’t miss these 10 routes to a healthy lifestyle available in Huelva

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    The province of Huelva has endless things to offer but certainly one of the healthiest initiatives underway is its “Routes to healthy living”. The Huelva mountains and many of its cities have marked trails for all who want to walk these roads, enjoying the natural scenery while taking care of your body through exercise. If you come to this area, wear comfortable shoes and sportswear to delve into these places. Grab a pencil and paper and don’t miss these 10 routes for healthy living on offer.


    1. Almonaster la Real

    The first section of this path matches the access to the Ruta del Arte. If you decide to make this trip, it’s important that make no mistake and that you follow the paved road until you cross a lane where you’ll find a park post. Further on, the path to take is indicated on the left. Once on the summit the descent can be dangerous, so pay attention and walk down the road.

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    2. Aracena

    This route has a medium-high difficulty and begins on in street B of Polígono Cantagallo. One of the curiosities of this tour is the information panels regarding the Iberian pig which is bred in the area.  The Sierra de Aracena, a mountain formation located in Sierra Morena, has become an area of rural tourism in recent years, and is blessed with great natural and cultural heritage. If you end up choosing this option, be sure to visit the sights offered by the municipality.

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    3. Arroyomolinos de León

    The trailhead sign is located around the local swimming pool. If you want to make your heart work moderately, there is nothing better than a low-difficulty route. The trail ends at the lookout atop the Sierra de Bujo, an enclave which is accessed along a stream. The views are the best on this pleasant walk through the mountains of Huelva.

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    4. Cañaveral de León

    The beginning of this trail is found at the Hinojosa exit towards Cañaveral de León on a roundabout on the left. On this hike, you need to be especially careful to be alert for signs that indicate a change in direction or if you are going the wrong way. This path is a picturesque area with cork oak and olive trees which frame the landscape. The total distance to travel is nearly nine kilometres and has an average difficulty.

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    5. Castaño del Robledo

    If you want to delve into the depths of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, you should take the Castaño del Robledo route. On this path, we find the beauty of the great chestnut forests. The road is very nice thanks to the flora in the area and the views from atop the hill are a great reward for the effort. The starting point for the hike is the street Arias Montano.

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    6. Valdelarco

    This straight low-difficulty route is only three kilometres long and is therefore ideal for not forcing the body but enjoying a nice nature walk. The trail starts at the El Talenque picnic area and runs along the Navahermosa canyon. The whisper of the water is very relaxing during the trip but you should wear suitable waterproof footwear as at some points, the path can flood. If you want a quiet walk, choose this option.

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    7. Cumbres Mayores

    The beautiful viewpoint at the end of the street San Diego, heading towards “Las Ermitas”, is the starting point for this hike during which you can enjoy the magnificent views of the castle Cumbres Mayores. A curiosity that you may find if you decide to take this route is that you may see Iberian pigs roaming the mountains. The trail passes through low areas that cross several streams. It is a simple way to enjoy the surrounding environment.

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    8. Galaroza

    The great natural diversity and lush vegetation make this trail one of the most important in the county. The starting point is located in the building of the Asociación de la Paz y Bien de Galaroza where you can find signs showing the route. This medium-difficulty circular path has a length of approximately 4 kilometres along which we can enjoy the scenery and fresh air. In the last section, you will find a house and a crossroads; you should take the left which will take us to Castaño de Robledo.

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    9. Santa Olalla del Cala

    This trail begins at a very special place, the Castle of Santa Olalla del Cala. The route is circular in the shape of an 8 and the difficulty is high. The Natural Park has designated this trail as a bike track so if you prefer travelling on wheels, you can also do this. The mining history of the area can be glimpsed from the viewpoint near the Teuler mines.

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    10. Ayamonte

    Apart from the Huelva Sierra trails within the “Routes to healthy living”, there are some very healthy urban walks. An example of this can be found in Ayamonte which has several alternatives in the city. One of these is known as the “Route of the parks”, which takes us to all the green spaces in the city. It is a low-difficulty hike but it helps us to get the heart pumping and to enjoy the benefits a good walk gives us.

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    As you already know, if you decide to come to the province of Huelva, make sure you walk along their “Routes to healthy living”. The Huelva Sierra offers a wide range of possibilities which are perfectly suited to the needs of each person.


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