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    Feria De Pedro Romero Y Corrida Goyesca De Ronda 2022

    The 2022 Pedro Romero and Ronda Fair is, on this occasion, held between 30 August and 4 September. The Goyesca Ronda is the most highly anticipated and attractive event for visitors and locals alike. The most interesting event for both Spanish and foreign tourists in the city of Ronda. This festivity was declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia and its main attraction is provided by the famous Goyesca Ronda, with the addition here of a spectacular show on a stage as amazing as Ronda’s Plaza de la Real Maestranza de Caballería, one of the most famous, prettiest and oldest squares in the whole of Spain. This day plays host to the most famous faces from the world of culture, politics and bullfighting. The poster for the Goyesca Ronda always has the best swords of the moment.


    Corrida de Rejones Feria de Ronda. Rejoneador: Diego Ventura. Foto de Lies Wajer,
    del Archivo fotográfico de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda.


    History of the Pedro Romero Festival

    The origin of this festival of the city of Ronda lies in the traditional livestock fairs of the era. And like other Andalusian fairs, the Ronda Fair has been held for over 100 years.

    The Barrio de San Francisco, one of Ronda’s emblematic places, was the heart of this fair for many years. It would later be located in different parts of the city. It was from 1954 that it came to be called the Pedro Romero Fair. Before, it was known as the September Fair to differentiate it from the one held in May.

    It was in 1954 that the first Goyesca Bullfight was held in Ronda. It was organised by the Town Hall through a commission in which El Niño de la Palma, father of Antonio Ordóñez, participated. The intention was to commemorate the bicentenary of Pedro Romero’s birth. The poster featured Cayetano Ordóñez (eldest son of El Niño de la Palma), along with other outstanding figures of the time.

    The second Goyesca Bullfight of Ronda was organised by Antonio Ordóñez in 1957. As one of the most important matadors of the 20th century, he would be responsible for this bullfighting festival’s international fame. His presence on the poster of this and subsequent Goyesca Bullfights attracts illustrious fans to the national festival. Other important matadors of the time also accompanied him in the task.



    It could be said that Antonio Ordóñez put Ronda and the Goyesca Bullfight on the map. He turned this bullfight into a social event of international significance. Personalities such as Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway were among the first famous people who Antonio Ordóñez attracted to Ronda and its Goyesca Bullfight.

    The Goyesca Bullfight of Ronda has been held every September since 1957 to the present day. Only in 1963 was there no Goyesca Bullfight, since Ronda’s bullring was closed for construction.


    Traditions of the Pedro Romero Fair and Festival

    Corrida Goyesca de Ronda 2012. Imágenes del Archivo fotográfico de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda.

    The Ronda September Fair has its own particular traditions, which make it stand out from other Andalusian fairs.

    In addition to the Goyesca Bullfight, this Ronda fair has four singular events that are part of its tradition and eagerly anticipated each year by locals and visitors. Some form part of the prelude to the fair.


    Damas Goyescas Feria de Ronda 1972. Foto de Cuso, del Archivo fotográfico de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda


    The election and presentation of the Goyesca Ladies. The Goyesca Ladies are another traditional element of the Pedro Romero Fair and Festival. Being one of the Ladies is a privilege for local women. It is like being the queen and maids of honour of any municipality festival. One of the main differences is the Goyesca dress that forms part of their outfit.

    The Cante Grande Festival. This is the oldest flamenco festival in Málaga Province and one of the oldest in Andalusia. Great figures of flamenco have passed through this festival. Chano Lobato, José de la Mercé and Fosforito are just three of the prestigious artists who have taken part in Ronda’s Cante Grande Festival.

    The International Folkloric Gala (GFIR). This is the oldest folk festival in Andalusia and the second oldest in Spain. It was first held in 1974. Each year, groups from numerous countries take part, as well as the Group of Choirs and Dance of Ronda.


    Concurso Exhibición de Enganches Feria de Ronda 2018. Foto de Lies Wajer, del Archivo fotográfico de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda


    El Concurso Exhibición de Enganches. Es otro de los actos con más solera de la Feria y Fiestas de Pedro Romero. Habitualmente se celebra el último día de la feria. Es una ocasión para conocer los diferentes tipos de carruajes. Un espectáculo donde se dan cita la elegancia, el colorido y la belleza de caballos, carruajes y cocheros engalanados para la ocasión.

    Por lo demás, la feria de Ronda de septiembre se desarrolla como otras ferias de Andalucía.

    La feria de día en las calles del centro de la ciudad.

    La feria de noche en las casetas del Real de la Feria.

    Las atracciones para pequeños y no tan pequeños en el Real de la Feria.

    Y el chocolate con churros después de una divertida noche entre copas, bailes, risas.


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