(Español) Fuerte Hoteles recibe el premio al Fomento de la inserción laboral en el ámbito turístico de la Universidad de Málaga

(Español) El pasado viernes la Facultad de Turismo de la Universidad de Málaga (UMA) celebró la graduación y salida al mercado de la primera Promoción del Grado en Turismo, adaptándose así a las nuevas exigencias del mercado europeo. Se trata de una nueva generación de estudiantes formados y preparados para afrontar las exigencias del mercado […]

This Christmas, Give Smiles: Three Reasons To Keep Smiling This Holiday Season

Like every year, Fuerte Hoteles wishes a very happy holidays to all of our guests, employees, suppliers and friends in a very special way. For that reason, in addition to wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we hoped that 2014 will be a year full of smiles and good times. We […]

(Español) Marbella acoge el próximo 20 de diciembre el tradicional concierto de Navidad

(Español) Marbella acogerá el próximo 20 de diciembre a las 20:30 horas el ya tradicional concierto de órgano que tiene lugar cada Navidad de manos de la Asociación de Amigos del Órgano del Sol Mayor (AAOSM) y la Fundación Fuerte. El reconocido organista  Arturo Barba Sevillano, Profesor del Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valencia y […]

Fuerte El Rompido, Entrepreneur of the Year award thanks to its Social Responsibility policy

Hotel Fuerte El Rompido has been awarded the Huelva Entrepreneur of the Year Award, awarded by the Federación Onubense de Empresarios (FOE). This hotel in the Fuerte Hoteles chain has gained recognition in the category ‘Aguas de Huelva’, dedicated to companies which stand out for their management of Corporate Social Responsibility. The FOE assured us […]

Fuerte Hoteles Received A New Award For Environmental Management

After recently receiving the TUI Environmental Champion Award 2013, which placed Fuerte Hoteles among the world’s most sustainable hotels, the group is once again the subject of international recognition for their Corporate Social Responsibility policy and their commitment to responsible tourism. In this case, three establishments included in the Marbella-based chain were awarded with Travelife’s […]

Fuerte Hoteles, Recognized For Their Work In Support Of Disabled Integration

A total of six members of the Fuerte Hoteles team were honoured by the Fundacian Tutelar y de Asistencia Personal (Fundatul) or the Foundation of Care and Personal Assistance, for their work in support of the integration of people with disabilities. Those employees, including Lola Lopez , Marco Atzeni and Paquita Rubiales from Hotel Fuerte […]

Fuerte Hoteles Is Ranked 5th In Spain’s Most Popular Hotels on Twitter

Twitter de Fuerte Hoteles

Fuerte Hoteles has managed to become part of the ‘#top10 of hotelesqueconversan’ (or top ten talked about hotels) with customers on the Internet, according to the second report on the presence of Spanish hotel chains on Twitter, conducted by the web site Hoteles-sociales.com. Specifically, the hotel group is ranked 5th of the most influential hotels on […]

TUI Ranks Fuerte Hotels Among The 100 Most Sustainable Establishments

The German tour operator TUI has selected Fuerte Hotels as some of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Specifically, three of the hotel group’s locations have been designated as TUI Environmental Champions for 2013, as a part of one of the largest tour operators’ recognition of the 160 most sustainable hotels, worldwide. This year, […]

Stories of hotels: The Tooth Fairy Delivers

Huéspedes en Fuerte Marbella

As we have explained in another post, hotels are always full of stories and this is especially true with family hotels like Fuerte Hotels. Children always bring such joy and innocence with them that we find so endearing and end up creating endearing situations like the one we have to share today: The Tooth Fairy […]

Fuerte Hotels has donated a collection of beds in support of a shelter home in Ethiopia

Recogida de los colchones en Fuerte Conil-

Today on the Fuerte Blog, we have one of those stories that really touches our hearts. Its the story of the Ambessa project and the partnership that emerged after a trip to Addis Adaba, Ethiopia. This was a group that found themselves horrified at the appalling conditions they found orphaned and abandoned children living in. They […]

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