Responsible Tourism: 10 sustainable destinations in Andalucia you must visit


Sustainable tourism is increasingly fashionable in Europe. Visitors are more demanding and seek destinations and accommodation that are environmentally responsible. Andalucia has the fortune to have a wide network of cities that respect ecotourism and are part of the Ciudad 21 programme. For years, this network has been growing and has constituted a fundamental point […]

“They just take photos and leave without a trace”, tourists that leave no carbon footprint

turismo responsable

The list of reasons that motivate tourists to choose one hotel (or destination) or another is very clear. Its seafront setting, appetising culinary options, a privileged location in the city, good reviews on or TripAdvisor, price-quality ratio… These main factors do not include the way in which an establishment controls its carbon footprint, its […]

Fuerte Hoteles – Global Compact and Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

To achieve a goal, consistency and truly believing that something is possible are essential. As part of our continuous improvement efforts and with a view to remaining at the forefront of environmentally committed and sustainable activities both locally and worldwide, Fuerte Hotels has started 2016 by signing the United Nations Global Compact and adopting the […]

Fuerte Hotels reduces the CO2 emissions released by its establishments by 8.55%


The chain, which currently owns 6 four-star holiday hotels and 2 apartment complexes, located in Andalusia, recently published the 6th edition of its Corporate Social Responsibility report  The Marbella-based group, founded in 1957 by José Luque Manzano with a view to expanding profitable hotel businesses, committed to the responsible development of people and the environment […]

(Español) “Turismo responsable: ¿oportunidad o necesidad?”. Por José Luque García, socio director general de Grupo El Fuerte

(Español) Fuente: europapress Los conceptos de turismo ecológico, eco-turismo, turismo verde, etc., están dando paso a un concepto más amplio y acorde con nuestro sector turístico, el turismo sostenible y más específicamente, el turismo responsable. Turismo ecológico es aquel que “da prioridad a la preservación del medio natural y cultural del lugar donde se desarrolla“. […]

Learn to care for the environment on World Energy Efficiency Day

March 5th is World Energy Efficiency Day. Many of you may never have heard of this day and are not clear about what it means. Even though we sometimes don’t realise, energy efficiency is, fortunately, a cause that we all consider on a day to day basis. We are being energy efficient when we close […]

(Español) Fuerte Hoteles implanta nuevas medidas de ahorro energético

(Español) En su línea con la innovación y turismo responsable, Fuerte Hoteles ha puesto en marcha nuevas medidas de ahorro energético que se suman a la progresiva sustitución de luminarias convencionales por lámparas tipo LED que ha ido desarrollando en los últimos años. En esta ocasión los estudios realizados por la cadena marbellí han detectado […]

Fuerte Hoteles Passes Another Year of Earth Hour With A Night Of Candlelight

The Andalucian hotel group joined WWF’s Earth Hour for another year, which is the largest civilian mobilisation campaign in defence of the environment to date. Thousands of citizens, businesses, cities and organisations around the world mark a blackout on the 29th of March from 20:30 to 21:30 in an effort to combat climate change. Under […]

To Consume or Recycle? The Dilemma Of Our Times

Obra de la exposición Arte Responsable

In these trying economic times, the issue of recycling is on everyone’s lips more than ever – is it an obligation or necessity? Whatever the motivation or reason, recycling is one of the most important ways we can protect our environment. Recycling helps us to consume less energy, providing a way we can protect the […]

6 Sustainable Actions That Can Help You Save At Home

When bills start to rise, especially nowadays, it can be increasingly necessary to keep an eye on your pocket book. Even still, its important to remember that taking care of the environment and saving on bills can go hand in hand. Heed these tips we’ve collected below and you can help budget and the environment […]

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