Learn to care for the environment on World Energy Efficiency Day

March 5th is World Energy Efficiency Day. Many of you may never have heard of this day and are not clear about what it means. Even though we sometimes don’t realise, energy efficiency is, fortunately, a cause that we all consider on a day to day basis. We are being energy efficient when we close the tap while washing dishes or turn off the hall light when we are in the living room.

If you are interested in protecting the environment and also saving money, we are here to tell you everything about this day and what to do to be a “green citizen”, i.e. one who is committed to the environment.


Word energy efficiency day

Word energy efficiency day

Energy efficiency means reducing energy consumption while maintaining the same energy-related goods and services and using them in a cleaner and better sustainable manner. This does not imply a reduction in quality of life and comfort but protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. As a general rule, it often refers to electricity as it is the most used, but this term can apply to all energy sources for our supplies.

It is proposed as one of the policies to curb climate change and reach a sustainable society, fuelled by renewable energies that are less or not at all harmful to the environment.

To further these goals, since 1998, World Energy Efficiency day has been held every March 5th. It was established during the First International Conference on Energy Efficiency held in Austria as an auspicious date to reflect on how we use energy, what consequences our wasteful usage has, and what we can do to decrease it. Because it is not only about having the latest technology but about knowing how to manage resources skilfully and effectively. This is done with recycling, using cleaner products and intelligent consumption, i.e., only using energy we really need.


What to do to save energy

What to do to save energy

Everyone has a responsibility to help reduce excessive energy expenditure and to become aware that we can not continue wasting resources or mistreating the environment because future generations will suffer even more severe consequences.

To this end, there are many actions which can be taken and not only by adults since this is a worldwide problem and both children and adults can participate.

It is a worldwide problem which can be remedied through commitment. It is advisable to go to lectures on how to save and efficiently use energy resources. Schools also carry out activities so that children become aware of how important it is to create energy and use it responsibly.

In our daily life, we ​​can help protect the environment simply and accessibly to all by taking actions such as the following:


  • Turn off the lights unless necessary.
  • Turn off the lights in any areas with no people (rooms, bedrooms, hallway, etc.).
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs.

Appliances and electronics:

  • Use your computer on power-saving mode.
  • Turn off the TV, computer monitors, printers, stereos (do not leave them on stand-by).
  • If you’re buying a new appliance, make sure it has classification A.
  • Keep your refrigerator at 6°C and the freezer at -18°C.


  • Use public transport or car-share with others.
  • When possible, drive with your car windows closed.
  • Walk or ride a bike for short distances.


Energy measures in Spain

Energy measures in Spain

Due to Spain’s geographical position, it is ideal for the installation and use of renewable energy, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas.

But until we can rely solely on this energy, we still have a long way to go. Whether we succeed or not depends largely on the policies adopted by governments and the investment devoted to these initiatives. Still, we know that using efficient energy will reduce the consumption of resources which increase the country’s savings.


RSC Memory 2013 from Fuerte Hoteles

RSC Memory 2013 from Fuerte Hoteles

We have found that by changing our habits minimally, we can help protect the environment. Companies also have much to do as they need to exercise sustainable production to try to reduce the Ecological Footprint in their establishments and their services, contributing to the environment and seeking productive processes to get cleaner results.

A leading company in responsible tourism and energy efficiency is the chain Fuerte Hoteles. The group is much more than a collection of tourist resorts. It is a company which is committed to the environment and is sensitive to climate change. Every year, it draws up a Corporate Social Responsibility Report for further innovation to make their hotels sustainable places.

Fuerte Hoteles works with non-profit organisations like WWF Spain or the Foundation +Árboles. It also includes in its management policy the promotion of activities that respect the environment and contribute to sustainable development of the community where their hotels are located.

It is a 100% Andalucian brand which cares about the environment and is one of the few companies nationwide to devote so much effort to promoting and maintaining responsible behaviour. 90% of all Fuerte Hoteles workers are local and all of them are involved in the group’s sustainability policies. All the chain’s suppliers must sign a statement of respect and good environmental practices.

Therefore, after 50 years of responsible tourism, staying at any Fuerte Hoteles resort is the best way to learn more about its commitment to sustainable tourism. If you still haven’t visited any of its establishments and want to find out more about their responsible measures, just visit the website where you can take a virtual tour and see the practical measures in situ such as:

– Bioclimatic and environmental construction of our hotels

– Implementation of a energy savings manual

– Calculation and monitoring of its Ecological Footprint and Carbon Footprint

– Management and separation of waste at source

– Atmosphere emission control

– Discharge control

– Purchasing policy with sustainable criteria

– Promotion of local, organic and seasonal food

– Information for customers at reception and on the Fuerte Hoteles website on environmental aspects (energy consumption, Ecological Footprint and Carbon Footprint, etc.)

– Responsible activity programme “Fuerte Experiencias”

– Environmental conservation activities

What do you do to take care of the environment? Discover what makes Fuerte Hoteles here.

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