The 23 festivals you can’t miss in Andalucia

Fiestas en Andalucía

Any excuse is good to know the charms of all the corners of the south of the peninsula. But if your visit also coincides with some of the celebrations that Andalucia has, your visit will be the best. In Andalucian lands, pagan and religious events are mixed, both of them manage to year after year […]

The Easter Week processions in Andalucia you can’t afford to miss

Semana Santa Andalcia - Crédito editorial: Distinctive Shots /

Easter Week in Andalucia is one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Spain and each year attracts thousands of faithful who come to fervently experience the most popular religion. All the elements combine to create the Easter week aroma that impregnates the villages and cities of the south; that perfect, divine mix of incense […]

15 places where you can see the best sunsets in Andalucia

Atardeceres en Andalucia

Sunset in Andalucia is called the “magical hour” since few things makes you feel better and more at peace than a good sunset. Life is full of magical moments, but we surely all have a place that is special to us and where we can see the best sunsets. Andalucia has beautiful corners that have special meaning […]

14 original plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Andalucia

San Valentín pareja playa

Andalucia is the land of romance par excellence and has some of the best and most beautiful places to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day. If you have a partner and are tired or repeating time and again the same activities each year, and romantic evenings in traditional restaurants no longer do it for you, […]

Discover the most impressive natural monuments in Andalucia

monumentos naturales Andalucia - Duna de Bolonia

Andalucia is one of the most popular destinations for beach tourism due to its extensive coastline. However, our community has an environmental wealth that attracts lovers of natural monuments that enhance the value of the environment that surrounds us. These natural monuments of Andalucia are spread all over the geography of the region and are the […]

Which are the best beaches in Andalucia?

Playas de Andalucia

The Andalucian coast is one of the most attractive for tourism due to the diversity of its waters and beaches. The Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west bathe Andalucia from Huelva to Almeria. The different characteristics of the Andalucian beaches are the reason why they chose our region, especially […]

Hiking Trails where you can enjoy the snow in Andalucia

Sierra de la Nieves Andalucia

Andalucia has the privilege of having an exceptional climate all year round, making it an attraction in all seasons. The possibilities of this region are not limited to sun and beach tourism in summer but also extend to fall and spring, with its pleasant temperatures, landscapes, and rural tourism. But perhaps what you did not know […]

Archaeological sites that will transport you to Andalucia’s Roman Empire

Imperio Romano en Andalucía

Andalucia’s cultural, heritage and architectural wealth comes from the melting pot of the different cultures that have populated our region over the centuries. In each corner of this community, you can see the remains left by our ancestors and that allow us to see what their life was like in different historical eras. In Andalucia, […]

Planes de Halloween en Málaga y provincia para vivir la noche más terrorífica del año.

Halloween en Málaga

The night of October 31st we have a big date with terror. Halloween came to Spain a few years ago to stay and there are more and more plans and parties to celebrate this Celtic holiday. Malaga and the rest of the province join in the celebration of the scariest night of the year with a […]

The top 8 peaks of Andalucia: hiking on the highest peaks in southern Europe

El Mulhacén

Andalucia cannot only boast of its beaches, as it is true that another of its greatest attractions lies in the spectacular contrast offered to lovers of mountaineering, the mountains of Andalucia are erected in its interior as the roof of this land full of contrasts. If you want to discover the charms of the mountains […]

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