Summer drinks are one of the allies to fight the heat in Andalucia. The high temperatures invite us to take refreshing drinks. Typical summer drinks like sangria. New summer drinks such as the rebujito, a classic during the Andalucian fairs, or the typical clear beer with soda or lemon, more refreshing than beer alone. White […]

What to do in Estepona: route through the historic quarter and marina

If you’re planning to visit the Costa del Sol, you can’t miss Estepona. This place is known for its beauty and authenticity, with its typical Andalucian architecture that blends perfectly with modernity. Estepona’s center has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with pedestrian streets filled with shops, restaurants, and bars. Additionally, it offers a variety of […]

Manzanilla, one of the most special wines in the world

Sherries are universally known and therefore marketed in over 100 countries. But among them all there is one that has been seducing different cultures and tastes for centuries, from Mexico to the Philippines, via the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States: Manzanilla. It is often said that Manzanilla wine is Sanlúcar de Barrameda […]

Thirsty? If You Travel To Andalucia, Don’t Forget To Try One Of Our 15 Local Beers

Las cervezas de Andalucía

Find out more about malts, hops and wheat. Andalusia is world famous for the superior quality of its wines, but what about beer? Has the delicacy of barley really been forgotten? The answer is no. Indeed, Andalucian beers have a quality that merits a more discerning palate. It is no longer just a light, cool […]

The 15 best places in Andalucia to observe and enjoy animals

Avistamiento animales Andalucía

On a good vacation, you cannot miss the activities that link you with nature. Just as important as visiting the monuments and the city, is getting to know the fauna and flora of the chosen destination. They are there, hibernating, moving from here to there in search of food and good temperatures. And thanks to […]

Andalucian bread and its varieties: a delicacy with a taste of tradition and innovation.

There are breads and breads. In recent years we have seen how the range of this highly prized product has expanded and today we have a wide variety and types to suit all tastes. However, Andalucian bread continues to be at the forefront in terms of consumption and Andalucia concentrates more than 70% of the […]

How to make sangria: the best summer drink

como hacer la sangria

When we talk about sangria is like talking about Andalucia, the same happens with summer. Sangria has been the most typical and international refreshing summer drink for years, the symbol of summer in Spain. Although this summer cocktail is already known worldwide and drunk throughout the year, sangria originated in Spain and emerged from the […]

Discover Nerja through ten key points along the route of the legendary series “Verano Azul” (“Blue Summer”)

This summer is still blue because TVE2 has decided to show reruns of the legendary eighties television show that was all the rage for a generation. Verano Azul and its endearing character, Chanquete, have excited audiences for over thirty years after that amazing summer showing a gang of kids in the incomparable setting of Nerja. […]

Ten Andalucian Patios You Cannot Miss

Patios de Andalucía

One feature that stands out in the Andalucian urban landscape is undoubtedly the region’s beautiful patios. Inherited from the Roman and Muslim cultures, these dream spaces have are found throughout Southern Spain, adorned with pots and, in many cases, fountains as decorations. The patio is no longer just a space to cool off on hot […]

The Easter Week processions in Andalucia you can’t afford to miss

Semana Santa Andalcia - Crédito editorial: Distinctive Shots /

Easter Week in Andalucia is one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Spain and each year attracts thousands of faithful who come to fervently experience the most popular religion. All the elements combine to create the Easter week aroma that impregnates the villages and cities of the south; that perfect, divine mix of incense […]

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