Sardine espetos: discover the traditional delicacy of Málaga

Espetos de sardinas

Skewers, and more specifically the sardine skewers (espetos de sardinas), are a Malaga cuisine classic. One of the most appreciated delicacies by locals and tourists. One of the most demanded specialties in beach bars and restaurants on the extensive coast of Malaga. Malaga sardine skewers have become a sign of cultural identity. Sign recognized in […]

Things you didn’t know about olives, one of Andalucia’s most traditional products

One of the most important and recognized products in our land are the Andalucian olives. This jewel of nature is what gives us the so-called liquid gold, the Andalucian oil so important inside and outside our borders that comes from all the olive groves that cover the Andalucian countryside. This precious liquid gold is one […]

Discover the history of tapas in Spain and their best varieties

historia de las tapas

Tapas in Spain are one of the best-known customs across the world. Indeed, the history of tapas in Spain is one of the distinguishing features of Spanish cuisine and no tourist or Spaniard can resist these small bites of Mediterranean gastronomy. There are all kinds of tapas, from a small snack—fried potatoes, nuts or olives—to […]

10 Andalucian fairs you cannot miss this year

Ferias de Andalucia

Andalucian fairs are one of its most typical traditions and that is why it is worthwhile to take a vacation and go enjoy them. Andalucian fairs are synonymous of fun, excitement and gathering, but they also have a cultural side that brings us closer to the history, the gastronomy and the most deeply-rooted traditions of […]

Where to eat the best Andalucian cheeses and their varieties

Quesos de Andalucia

Gastronomy is one of the main keys to Andalucia and we like to eat well here. This community distinguishes itself through the prominence of its native products, with cheese standing out as one of the most notable delicacies. Andalucian cheeses have different typologies depending on the area and the way they are made. The typical […]

28 things to see and do in Nerja and Torrox, the city of Europe’s Balcony

Cosas que hacer y ver en Nerja

Nerja is one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol, especially in summer. It is one of the eastern cities of Malaga that is characterized by its rich heritage, as well as its beaches, making it a summer resort for domestic and foreign tourists. One of the things that make Nerja special […]

Chiringuitos (beach bars) in Nerja and Torrox Costa where you will lick your fingers.

Chiringuitos Nerja

Nerja and Torrox are two of the cities of the Costa del Sol par excellence and therefore, the restaurants of both are clear protagonists of the summer. However, the excellent temperature throughout the year makes them a gastronomic attraction that restaurants know very well. The summer season makes the easternmost coast of Malaga bathed in […]

Basic guide for attending the San Bernabé Fair in Marbella

Cartel Feria Marbella 2024

The Feria de San Bernabé is one of the most relevant festivities, with the greatest “packaging”, and tradition of Marbella which is celebrated every year in June. San Bernabé is one of the most anticipated and most colourful events on Costa del Sol. This festival together with Carmen in July is one of the most […]

Churros, the most traditional recipe in Andalucia

Chocolate con churros (porras)

What traveller visiting the south of Spain has not ever wondered where to eat churros with chocolate? And it has always been said that there is nothing more native than a good and warm cup of chocolate with a good jelly bean “pá mojarlos”. Sugary, with cinnamon, stuffed or with chocolate, churros are one of […]

How many types of paella are there? 10 different recipes for Paella

tipos de paella

Paella is, without a doubt, the indisputable queen of all dining in Spain, since it is one of the dishes that, while not originally from Andalucia, has become one of the most traditional in the southern Iberian Peninsula. As happens with many other recipes, both Spanish and international, paella, while a traditional Valencian dish, does […]

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