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10 places in Andalucia where it should always be spring: visit them

Visiting Andalusia is always a pleasure at any time of year, but it is also true that spring here is synonymous with pleasant temperatures, ideal for enjoying its cities and natural spaces.

Travel south in these months of March and discover the Malaga Axarquía or Sierra Mágina, where the white of the almond and cherry blossoms mingle with the green of the fields, or the Granadino Altiplano, in which the poppies put a Note of passion to the landscape. It is difficult to collect, without falling into topics, only ten places to visit Andalusia this spring. But we have tried and for this we show you 10 places to visit during the spring in Andalusia:



 Jardín Botánico La Concepción - Crédito editorial: Kary_Zubialevich_photos

This enormous green space is a spot worth visiting at any time of the year in Málaga but at the beginning of sprint, the visit will delight flower lovers in one of the few subtropical flower gardens in Spain and Europe.

One of its main attractions is the Glicina gazebo, a metallic iron structure covered from top to bottom by glycine, a captivating climbing plant native to China with its hanging lilac flowers and a gentle aroma.

At the end of March, La Concepción is an explosion of colour with the roof of the gazebo full of purple flowers as glycine begins to fall to the ground, forming a carpet that invites visitors to walk around.

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Jardines Generalife Alhambra

If you decide to travel to Granada during March, the Alhambra is an unmissable visit. The Patronato de la Alhambra and Generalife open the Mirador Romántico (“Romantic Viewpoint”) to the public, during the third month of the year. This space usually remains closed for conservation reasons.

You will have to go through the Generalife gardens and climb the water staircase to reach the top of the landscaped palaces. From there you can this small neo-Gothic viewpoint which Don Jaime Traversa, in 1836, built on a Muslim oratory.

During the month, you can visit it every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday without paying extra.

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orquídeas Sierra de Grazalema

In the Sierra de Grazalema, plants, flowers and trees say goodbye to the winter and prepare to paint the spring in Andalucia with colour. This incredible landscape stretches before the eyes of any tourist who comes to wander around this rural environment.

It is the time of the orchids and in the Sierra de Grazalema, we can find more than 40 of the 150 species that exist in Spain. Another attraction that adds to the list of reasons to go out and breathe fresh air in the province of Cádiz.

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Ruta de los Almendros Málaga

In spring you can enjoy the Route of the Almond trees and see something that we assure you can not erase from memory as the fields of Malaga are covered with a white mantle. The reason for this panorama is that the pink and white flowers of the almond trees transform the landscape of the villages of Almogía, Álora, Cártama and Pizarra. An authentic natural gift that you can enjoy walking along one of the paths that hide the geography of Malaga.

To enjoy this natural phenomenon one of the routes we recommend is in the Guadalhorce Valley, between the villages of Almogía and Cártama.

An itinerary in which you can see a good view of the almond trees is from Almogía, starting point from which you have to continue towards Villanueva de la Concepción, there you will see an eighteenth century Ferris wheel. After about four kilometers appears the entrance to the Route of the Sancti Petri that can be done by bicycle, on horseback although the less adventurous can opt for the car. All this path passes through almond trees.

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Cerezos en flor Sierra Mágina

Sierra Mágina is the perfect spot to contemplate cherry blossoms between late March and early April. It is undoubtedly one of the most magical landscapes of the Andalusian spring.

To enjoy all the beauty of these flowering trees, we propose an itinerary that runs between Jimena and Torres. The route begins in the Fuente del Moro and continues through the pine forest of Cánava and Caracoles. You have to climb the north side of the Aznaitín mountain. Then down the path to the lane, which leads to the port of Albanchez. At this point you can recharge your energy in the Puerta Mágina restaurant.

If you prefer to continue, you will have to cross the ravine of Albanchez, to the homonymous town, where you can also make a stop to eat something and rest from the road.

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Sierra de Aracena primavera

This is one of the most beautiful itineraries if you want to enjoy the authentic spring Andalusia. The route begins in Fuenteheridos to take the old road towards the town of Galaroza. In some sections we can see a unique pine forest, known as the “Enchanted Forest”. After reaching Galaroza, we will continue until we have to climb until we find both the ravine of Pedregal and the stream Alamillo.  Arrived here and before returning we will visit Castaño de Robledo, known as the Rivera de Jabugo.

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campos de amapolas Granada

The Andalucian spring creates colourful and stunning views, like the fields of scarlet poppies which stain the grass fields in the northern regions of Granada.

The ochre hills, the green valley and the almost desert-like plain which occupies the central area combine to form a contrasting canvas crowned by the two most important protected areas on the plateau: the natural parks of the Sierra de Baza and Sierra de Castril.

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10 places in Andalucia where it should always be spring: visit them: Flor de cerezo en Alfarnate. Fotografía:

Strolling through the Axarquia during early spring is increasingly attractive to hundreds of tourists visiting Málaga and the locals themselves who flock to see the transformation of the landscape in the province every year. The pinkish-white cherry blossoms create a light-coloured cloak covering the fields of the town of Alfarnate.

Not surprisingly, this area has been nicknamed the “Málagan Jerte Valley”, referring to the famous valley in the province of Cáceres, and a hiking trail has been created where visitors can visit the most important places. This path, the Ruta de las Pilas, is 12.7 kilometres long and it is ideal for a closer look at this beautiful example of spring in Andalucia and throughout Spain.

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Real Alcazar Sevilla

The Alcázar is one of the oldest palaces in use in the world and is one of the most well-known monuments in Seville. Like most of the architectural structures built by the Arabs, it has a simple construction, hiding its true inner treasure in the form of palaces, courtyards and gardens with various fountains, pools and Andalucian plants.

But in spring, walking around its courtyards and gardens is a rather unique experience because both the Alcázar and the city of Seville are full of orange trees which bloom in March, full of sweet white flowers and the characteristic aroma of the orange blossom throughout the Sevillian capital.

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Patios Cordoba

If there is a site to visit and photograph Córdoba in spring, it is in its courtyards. To celebrate the arrival of spring, the city fills with colourful flowers and flowerpots which decorate the city’s white courtyards.

Every year, “The Courtyard Festival” is held, a festival where participants open their courtyards and houses decorated with flowerpots, completely free, so that visitors can take a tour and enjoy the quantity of flowerpots and flowers that can be found in Córdoba.

During the days of the contest, the historic centre of the city is full of life and natural treasures.

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Natural Parks of Andalucia

What are the natural wonders of Andalucia?



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Hotel Fuerte Grazalema

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