“They just take photos and leave without a trace”, tourists that leave no carbon footprint

turismo responsable

The list of reasons that motivate tourists to choose one hotel (or destination) or another is very clear. Its seafront setting, appetising culinary options, a privileged location in the city, good reviews on booking.com or TripAdvisor, price-quality ratio… These main factors do not include the way in which an establishment controls its carbon footprint, its […]

Fuerte Hoteles – Global Compact and Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

To achieve a goal, consistency and truly believing that something is possible are essential. As part of our continuous improvement efforts and with a view to remaining at the forefront of environmentally committed and sustainable activities both locally and worldwide, Fuerte Hotels has started 2016 by signing the United Nations Global Compact and adopting the […]

Learn to care for the environment on World Energy Efficiency Day

March 5th is World Energy Efficiency Day. Many of you may never have heard of this day and are not clear about what it means. Even though we sometimes don’t realise, energy efficiency is, fortunately, a cause that we all consider on a day to day basis. We are being energy efficient when we close […]

(Español) 10 consejos para estar psicológicamente saludable

Consejos para ser feliz

(Español) En esta vida tan rápida y en la que el reloj tiene tanta importancia, se hace difícil vivir con serenidad y con la mente en calma, por eso te damos un pequeña ayuda para que te mantengas psicológicamente saludable:  1. Intenta vivir en un lugar agradable: Desde luego hay muchos factores que influyen en […]

15 Factors You Should Keep In Mind To Avoid Problems With Myocardial and Cerebral Ischemia

Some of the most common conditions or diseases seen in the developed world are those related to blood flow and blockages of the veins and arteries that carry nutrients and oxygen to the heart or brain. If there is a blockage in the system can cause a heart attack or ischemia, a restriction in blood […]

(Español) Marbella acoge próximo viernes el concierto ‘Saetando lo Clásico’, preludio Semana Santa

(Español) Fuerte Hoteles recibe el premio ‘Andalucía Management’ gracias a su compromiso social

Just What is Responsible Tourism? Andalucía’s Fuerte Hotels Offers an Answer

Recently, the Cátedra Nebrija-Santander in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) held a conference to focus on “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Hotel Sector”.

Fuerte Hoteles Will Plant a Tree for Each Guest to Help Rebuild After the Marbella Fires

Known for its beauty, culture and lasting tranquillity in the South of Spain, Marbella and its surrounding areas suffered a devastating setback this past week when wildfires laid waste to thousands of acres of pristine Mediterranean wildlife.

Marbella’s Hotel Fuerte and Fuerte Miramar Step Up to Help the Red Cross

Knowing that being a productive and active member of Southern Spain’s vibrant business community means more than just offering the best accommodations and tourism experience Andalusia has to offer, Fuerte Hoteles has joined forces with local Golf Circuit to raise money for the Red Cross.

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