6 Sustainable Actions That Can Help You Save At Home

When bills start to rise, especially nowadays, it can be increasingly necessary to keep an eye on your pocket book. Even still, its important to remember that taking care of the environment and saving on bills can go hand in hand. Heed these tips we’ve collected below and you can help budget and the environment at the same time. 🙂

1. Changing Bulbs


The simple replacement of halogen light or LED bulbs offers a simple and very effective option for reducing your electricity bill. Savings can amount to up to 80 percent for lighting. Furthermore, the life span of an LED light bulb is far greater then that of a standard bulb up to 30 times. For these reasons, we rank this simple tip as number one with a strong encouragement to give it a try.

2. Saving Water

Every drop counts. Did you know that every time you use flush with the minimal amount, you save 3 litres of water? Imagine how much you can save in a week! Other simple actions you can use to save water include not using the toilet as a waste basket, closing the tap when brushing your teeth and installing flow reducers on taps, all of which can add up to real savings.

3. Do You Use Renewables?


If it’s possible, opt for this change – the options are highly recommended. From using solar thermal energy for heating and hot water to solar photovoltaic electricity, solar benefits are endless. There is no doubt that solar is the cleanest option for saving the planet on the cheap (no polluting fuels because the sun is the only source you need), however it does require an initial investment for installation.

4. Efficient Heating And Appliances

Another measure of power saving is to select an appropriate temperature at home. Its not necessary to wear just a t-shirt during the winter. With an average temperature of 20-22° C, you can achieve a comfortable atmosphere with a balanced energy expenditure. Just remember that increasing the thermostat by just one degree during the winter can increase consumption by 7 percent.

If you have electric or older air conditioners, a wise investment can be the purchase of a Class A appliance or higher. While it may be a bit more expensive at the beginning, it will prove more efficient and beneficial for your pocket in the long run.

5. Leave the Car Parked

Whenever possible, walk or ride a bike to save on gas. Additionally, the environmental benefits of this behaviour are very noticeable as it will help you reduce large amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Take a chance on walking and your pocket book and body will thank you.

6. And One More For Good Measure – Get Rid of the Standby!


Turn off electronics completely. That is, don’t let them sit idle when you’re not using them, keeping that small light on. This may seem insignificant, but can provide a reduction in consumption of up to 11 percent in electricity, or roughly 52 euros a year for an average household.

Remember them all because helping to create a more sustainable world while you save on bills everyday can be great!

Make you home more sustainable implementing the measures on the video:

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