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12 tips for Physical exercise on Holiday

You have now chosen your holiday destination and booked everything. Now you must enjoy looking forward to your time away from all the hassle of work and. dare I say it, home. It is a time to relax from the stress of the previous year and charge your batteries.

But this year is going to be slightly different. In stead of staying around the pool or on the beach and then using the philosophy of “eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die” we are going to use this time to begin a new life style when you get home thus getting a benefit from our investment. But what physical exercise should you do?

The ideal answer to that question is to do something you like doing and something that would continue to be important and doable in our everyday lives when you return home.

But before you decide what you do, I think there are a few check points we should consider before doing any physical exercise which you are not used to doing.

  1. Try and do a rough check to see how fit you are. Walk for about 20 minutes and then check your pulse rate. Is it much higher than normal? Does go back to normal very quickly or does it take some time.
  2. Just see how long it takes you to walk 1 mile just walking normally. It should take you about 16 to 18 minutes
  3. If you can see a doctor before coming, s/he could measure your waist, weigh you properly and check your body mass index (BMI)
  4. Set yourselves realistic goals like losing 3 or 4 pounds, losing a couple of centimetres from your waists or just feeling better is as good an objective as you can find. Keep a note of the information to be compared with at a later date.
  5. Try and find an activity which you can continue at home
  6. Make sure you can fit your activity into your daily life when you get back.
  7. Try to vary your exercise program.. Walk in different areas or change the exercise, for example, walk one day, cycle the next.
  8. Treat your selves to some new trainers or sports clothes.
  9. When you start remember the old saying. It is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t go crazy the first two days and then feel tired and subsequently do nothing.
  10. Listen to your body. If something hurts, stop doing it. You are doing exercise to feel better not to appear in an Olympic games
  11. 11. Take notes of things like your initial weight, your waistline, how long it takes you to do a certain distance, how far you walk.
  12. Enjoy the anticipation.

The next thing to decide is what kind of exercise is best for me. What should I do?

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