10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz

One of the most tourist areas of Spain is the one located to the south of Cadiz and Huelva, called Costa de la Luz. If you’re planning to spend some days with the family, we offer different options in Costa de la Luz , since it is the perfect destination to spend the holidays with the family, with different activities for children and the family. Family holidays in Costa de la Luz are perfect for the little ones, and we’ll tell you why.


Family Holidays

1. Routes on horseback

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Paseo a caballo por Conil

The routes on horseback are excellent activities to get in touch with nature and enjoy the beauty of the area in a different way. The excursions and routes done on horseback surprise the visitors due to its charm, and they always leave with fantastic memories of this experience they can enjoy with the family, a partner or with friends.


2. Visit Entre Ramas Aventura

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Entre Ramas Aventura Imagen de entreramas.com

Entre Ramas Aventura is a forest adventure park located in the forest of Roche. Zip lining, bridges, Tarzan vines, flying cars, spider webs and many more surprises to enjoy a great day in contact with nature and fun guaranteed.

The activities you can enjoy at Entre Ramas include a tour around the trees, carrying out different activities such as zip lining, suspended bridged, Tibetan bridges, etc., within a natural and safe environment which caters for all safety measures, as the guests are permanently monitored by a specialised team. The visitors receive basic training that will teach them how to use individual protection equipment (harness and lanyards) which will then enable them to safely move with complete autonomy through the bridges and games located on the trees at different heights.

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3. Aquopolis

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Aquopolis

Aquopolis is ideal to enjoy with all the family. The little ones will be part of many adventures at the many attractions specially designed for them and where they will have their first contacts with water. They will never forget this day where they will play and splash in the water very safely.

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4. Visit the National Park of Doñana

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Parque Natural de Doñana. Fotografía: www.iberia-natur.com

Outside the reserve in Doñana, you can visit different places such as the Palacio del Acebrón, built during the seventies which currently works as a visitor centre. Another place to visit is the Dune Park of Matalascañas and the Sea World Museum.

For those who love hiking, we recommend visiting the Centre of El Acebuche, which features the bird observatory located on the lagoon which bears the same name.

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5. Sighting of Cetacean

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Estrecho de Gibraltar Imagen de Cadizturismo.es

The sighting of cetaceans is an activity that all the family can share, specially recommended for children, which involves going out sea to spot and identify the whales and dolphins which live and swim the Gibraltar Straight. This unique site, recently awarded the title of Natural Park, features three species of dolphins: Short-beaked common dolphin, Striped dolphin and the common bottlenose dolphin, living with the Long-finned pilot whale.

The beauty of this activity located in the southern extreme of Europe is indescribable: the animals surround the boats, get curious with the passengers and play with the prows.


6. Practise surf (or learn how to do it)

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Surf en la playa de El Palmar de Vejer. Fotografía de www.cadiz-turismo.com

Conil has fantastic beaches to practise surf, such as Los Bateles. If you love to run the waves, your board and the neoprene suit, or you have always wanted to learn, this is the ideal place to do so. There are many surf academies offering courses for all levels, including the necessary equipment.


7. Catching sunsets

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Atardecer en El Rompido

There’s an unforgettable moment in the coast of Huelva that is worth the visit: the sunset. To witness this very special moment, we recommend the Matalascañas lighthouse or the terrace at the Ayamonte inn, observing how the red disk slowly descends next to the international bridge. Since the sun sets on land during summer, we can either watch out for punta de la Canaleta in Punta Umbría, or on the marshes of Odiel.


8. From El Terron to Casita Azul

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Librería-coctelería El Principito

When you spend your holidays with the family at fishing environments this is a must. First: El Terrón, a town where the trucks unload fishing equipment due to the large amount of fishing vessels. And second: La Antilla, where the buildings share the landscape with more than 40 trammel boats stranded on the beach.

Some curious visitors stop by Islantilla Shopping Centre to have a drink at the first 100 Montaditos of the chain and the first brewery La Sureña, open to the public. However the real attraction should be the library-bar El Principito.

To enjoy the beach without any problems, we recommend Casita Azul (Isla Cristina) beach, an old forest house, today nature’s interpretation centre: pines, dunes, The Path of the Chameleon and the beach bar La Gola, where you can taste a fantastic dinner.

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9. Eat tapas, a culinary destination in itself

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Tortillitas de camarones

The famous shrimp tortilla or fried fish are some of its specialties, as well as seasoned potatoes, dobladillos, morena en adobo and one of the best tapas in Spain.


10. Enjoy the day fishing

10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Pesca deportiva

Sport fishing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and educational family activities we can find in the area. Mackerel and melva fishing in Costa de la Luz can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

For those who love to practise this sport in this area, we just need to say, what are you waiting for?



10 activities for all the family in Costa de la Luz: Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz

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