Eight Sports To Enjoy In Marbella

The Costa del Sol’s Marbella offers plenty of ways to enjoy your days off, but should all your time be spent relaxing in the sun or taking a nap? The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to relax and insert a little activity into your schedule to help strengthen your physical and mental health. Below, we’ve gathered eight sports and exercises that can be enjoyed in and around Marbella:

1. Go Swimming In The Sea


Marbella is famous for its fantastic beaches. There is one right along the boardwalk, but you want something a little different, you never have to travel very far. Bustling, urban, glamorous or even wild or nude – there is something for every taste. When swimming at the beach, remember to stay safe by staying close to the shore. Swimming in the sea offers a great chance to teach your kids, but be vigilant and always keep them under close supervision!

2. Playing Ball Games In The Sea


These are extremely healthy exercises and very good for the joints and muscles. Go into the sea until the water covers half your chest and any kind of prolonged movement is great for the body. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise, just throwing a ball or Frisbee, but please remember not to bother other bathers.

3. Playing Sports On The Beach

voley playa

You can play beach tennis, throw ball or Frisbee and even beach volleyball or football if it is a secluded beach. Always remember that the beach belongs to everyone and not everyone will have the same idea of what makes a great day by the sea so be careful and keep your area of play away from others.

4. Walk The Paseo Maritimo or Promenade

caminar marbella

This is probably the easiest and most rewarding exercise all the family can enjoy. Just get on the boardwalk and you can walk all the way to Puerto Banus. What better way to walk than with a nice sea breeze?

 5. Gyms? Why Not?


Marbella has several sports venues, including the Club Fuerte Sports Club right along the beach. In fact, through an entrance along the boardwalk, visitors will find a fantastic gym complex designed specifically for exercise. They have a fully qualified staff who can guide you in finding your ideal exercise, be it a full workout, just using the treadmill or static bikes or taking a Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Vive, Sh´Bam or CX-Wors class.

6. Rent A Bike


Rent a bike for you and your family to tour around the town or go as far as Puerto Banus on the Paseo Maritimo for a real treat!. Again you must be careful if you decide to go on the roads or further afield but we would recommend just going on the Paseo Maritimo.

7. Play Paddle Tennis Or Golf


Marbella has a number of tennis and paddle clubs, including many courts offered by Club Fuerte Sport to partners and non-members. The Costa del Sol is also known as the Costa del Golf thanks to an endless selection of some of the best courses in Spain, as well as great weather, spectacular views and unique amenities.

8. Hiking In Marbella


A fantastic experience for all the family is to go trekking in and around Marbella. Although the city was made internationally famous for its beaches, nearby mountain areas offer truly unique landscapes. For the best routes, visit http://www.senderismomarbella.com/

Now that you know all the options Marbella has to offer, it’s up to you to choose one or more to share with your friends, family or even alone, as a way to get the most out of your holiday in Marbella. That way you can come home in better shape than ever before and share a special experience with those closest to you!

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