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    5 Reasons to Play Golf at El Rompido

    Golf El Rompido

    Golf El Rompido

    If you like golf, then El Rompido is your destiny. Each year, thousands of people choose to play this sport across Southern Spain and not just because of the Costa de la Luz’s privileged climate. This beautiful fishing village belongs to the municipality of Cartaya, in Huelva, and is home to four golf courses: the two fields of El Rompido, one in El Portil and finally the Monacilla course. Here are the reasons that make this area ideal for all things golf:

    1. The natural environment, particularly what is offered by the two golf courses

    It is a pleasure to play golf in the middle of the outdoors, surrounded by pine trees in the natural setting of Piedras River Marshes and the Flecha de El Rompido. Specifically in the field north of El Rompido there are holes with stunning views over the marshes. Holes 12 and 13 are the most beautiful in Andalusia.

    2. The Variety of Play

    As we said, there are four golf courses to choose from. In both El Rompido courses, you can play through the marshes, while Monacilla and El Portil offer ways to play between the pines. It’s great for a long weekend. Four options, offering different levels of play, with the more approachable El Portil and the more demanding southern countryside of the El Rompido. The most accessible are the north fields of El Rompido and La Monacilla.

    3. The ‘After Golf’

    After the day has come to an end, there are possibilities for taking some tapas (shrimp with a white Huelva wine) in a wide variety of pubs, bars, terraces and restaurants is El Rompido.

    4. The Price

    It is very affordable and the summer months offer special deals where you can play golf with a buggy from 92 €.

    5. The Tranquillity

    El Rompido is an undiscovered paradise. Few people even know this corner of the coast of Huelva. For that reasons, you can play golf without pressure from other players.

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