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The Five Basic Recommendations For Breakfast Before Sports

Much of the enjoyment of travelling is seeing and experiencing new cultures and customs, how things are done there, including the sampling of food from other countries. Gastronomic traditions rely heavily on the geography and climate of each location. For example, if you live in northern Europe, where it is colder, you’d take in hotter breakfast foods, which include a lot of carbohydrates, animal fats and sugars.

If we look back through history, a strong breakfast was necessary as farm workers had to ‘store’ enough energy to face the arduous tasks of agriculture and exposure to the intense cold. People in those days had to take on much more physical work themselves since there were no machines to speak of. They could work six or seven hours a day, which meant that most of the calories they’d taken in would have been burned.

Calories Needed for Sports

However, today, some things have changed. We have machines for just about everything, cars, shorter working hours and more leisure time so you may not actually burn through your daily calorie intake. For example, a normal human being without pathological or hormonal problems usually requires the following calorie intake:

  •  Man……..About 2,500 calories to function normally.
  • Woman………About 2,200 calories to function normally.

The situation is a bit more complex than these figures suggest but we will address that in more detail in the next post.

If we understand that for a man to maintain weight and perform routine tasks, they will need about 2,500 calories, that means that for them to add physical exercise, they will need more calories. It is very simple – the more difficult the exercise, the more calories you will need and obviously if you do lots of physical exercise, but do not take in enough calories, you will lose weight. However, if it were that simple, no one would have this problem, but as always, the secret is achieving the right balance.

As we all know, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. With a healthy breakfast, you can be ready for just about anything. Before offering some healthy and unhealthy breakfast examples, it’s good to be aware of the five basic recommendations:

Unless you’re going to work in a coal mine for 16 hours a day, you do not need a huge breakfast.

  1. If you’re doing a little exercise, you’ll need a balance of liquid and solid foods.
  2. You need to eat enough food to keep up your energy.
  3. You must think of your digestive process, therefore, it is best to think of foods that are easily digestible and give you energy faster.
  4. Try to eat foods you like and above all, use a little common sense.

In the next post, we will describe which foods to eat and which ones to avoid at breakfast. Enjoy and always stay healthy!

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