Marbella hosts “The Human Body exhibition” a unique and shocking display

The Hotel Fuerte Miramar, which was completely refurbished in 2015, has reopened its doors as Amare Marbella Beach Hotel, the first Grupo El Fuerte adults only establishment.


The Human Body Exhibition Poster

The Human Body Exhibition Poster

The exhibition has raised the expectation of more than 20 million visitors all over the world due to the display of real human bodies.

Marbella Conference and Exhibition Center will be the only host in Spain showing this interesting display which starts 15th June and continues until mid-September.

After stopping in Buenos Aires, Paris and Berlin, the “Human Body Exhibition” finally arrives to Marbella. This is one of the most popular scientific exhibitions in the world.

It consists of the display of real human bodies, which have been legally donated to various Faculties of Medicine in China in order to contribute to science education, communication and research in a respectful and dynamic way.

If during your holidays at the Costa del Sol you are willing to complement the sunshine and beaches with some cultural activities, you cannot miss this innovative and relevant proposal that shows you how the human body works.

The human body and the impact of disease

This fascinating exhibition is organized around two key ideas: to show the human body in movement, reflecting how incredibly complex every daily action is, and to display the impact that some diseases and addictions have over the body. These include overweight, lung cancer, cirrhosis, osteoporosis, arthritis and smoking.

“The Human Body” is a striking exhibition thanks to its revolutionary technique to preserve adult male and female bodies with polymer.
Developed with an educational purpose, the viewer can learn about the functioning of human bodies and be aware of the different possibilities to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Body origin

All the bodies and organs displayed belong to people that died a natural death and previously decided to donate their bodies to science with research purposes.
The selected samples offer the visitor the possibility of immersing in the functioning of the human body and explore in detail what’s under their skin. All the bodies and organs are real, preserved thanks to a technique called plastination.

Guided tour throughout the different rooms

The exhibition is well divided in eight different rooms: Human Development, Skeletal System, Muscle System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Nervous System and Reproductive and Urinary System.

The visitor is guided inside the rooms by voices, music and sound effects in a journey that lasts little more than an hour and in which the viewer has the chance to explore the interior of the human body and be taught how to be healthy and prevent diseases.

An experience for all ages

The visitors will get out of the exhibition knowing that their bodies are perfect functioning machines but that is not advisable to abuse its systems. The audience understands better how the body works, what is necessary to sustain itself and how to protect it.

With this knowledge, the visitor attending “The Human Body Exhibition” will lead a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. The information levels throughout the exhibition are carefully addressed to visitors of all ages and educational levels, from primary school pupils to Medicine students. This interest to reach all citizens whichever class and condition makes “The Human Body Exhibition” an invaluable experience for family enjoyment.

Fuerte Marbella Hotel swimming-pool

Fuerte Marbella Hotel swimming-pool

Fuerte Hoteles has two of its best hotels in this beautiful town of the Costa del Sol.

On the one hand, Fuerte Marbella Hotel is a luxury hotel situated at the heart of the historical center of Marbella, on the beachfront and only 10 minutes away from Marbella Conference and Exhibition Centre. On the other, Fuerte Miramar Hotel is also located on the beachfront with direct access to Marbella promenade and only 200 meters away from Marbella historical and commercial town center. Situated only minutes away from the exhibition center this modern and charming hotel stands out thanks to its fabulous hydrotherapy and thermal spa center and its privileged location. Both hotels are the best option if you decide to come to Marbella and enjoy this interesting and unique exhibition in the world.

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