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The 5 Keys To Making The Most of a Marbella Luxury Weekend – The Centre of Glitz and Glamour

Marbella is undoubtedly a luxury capital of Europe. In Spain, this coastal town stands alongside Barcelona at the top of the list of the country’s most ostentatious and sought after destinations. Glamour, sophistication and the quality of the facilities and services offered are just some of the features that make this Andalucian enclave so perfect for society’s creme de la creme ahead of the Marbella Luxury Weekend”.

This event will take place from the 4th to 7th of June in Puerto Banus, bringing together the most elite and exclusive of all markets while promoting the city as a benchmark of quality of international excellence. There will be about 100 activities planned throughout this dream weekend in Marbella, involving 70 companies and events related to shopping, presentations of high-end products, the finest cuisine, automobiles, nautical activities and sport.


Fashion, The Highlight of The Event

Puerto Banus compras y lujo

In Marbella Luxury Weekend, there will be special attention given to the world of fashion. This year, an enormous floating walkway will be places on the docks of Puerto Banus where designers will showcase their latest collections and signature looks, including contributions from Custo Barcelona, Andres Sarda, Swarovski and Bikkmbergs, among many other participants. This will be a show of light and colour that lovers of fashion and the latest trends cannot miss. The Mediterranean Sea will provide the perfect backdrop for the imagination and creativity of the most daring designs. Marbella is the ideal locale for the most prestigious fashion houses in the world to gather together on the Costa del Sol, where tents will be constructed to allow them to share their latest designs and jewelry as the centres of attention.


Travelling With All The Amenities

Puerto Banus, Marbella

This year, the event’s organisers wanted to make sure that the full range of glamour and luxury were accessible on the Costa del Sol. For precisely this reason, they hoped that travel would not be a challenges to anyone enjoying this global event, complete with agreements with a host of international airlines, offering an array of special rates and tailored services for the Marbella Luxury Weekend. A real pleasure for those living outside the Costa del Sol, the 4th through the 7th of June in Marbella will provide the ideal getaway to enjoy all the leisure, high quality services, enviable temperatures could hope for, as well as a few days on a sunny beach for some rest and relaxation.


The Cars – An Automotive Perspective

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Puerto Banús

Puerto Banus is where high-end cars can be found passing by on a daily basis. The world’s finest car manufactures all have dealerships in the town and would not miss an event like the Marbella Luxury Weekend.

Prestigious firms like Pagani, McLaren, Porsche, Eurocarinvenst, Sixt Rent a Car, Ventura Yachts and Marina Marbella will be on hand to showcase the latest developments from the world of automobiles and marine life. The latter of these provides the most striking examples of luxury in Marbella, as seen with amazing sea vessels docked in Puerto Banus, attracting the attention of all who visit. If you find your way to Marbella this weekend, be sure to take a stroll through the luxurious harbour, enjoying the sea breeze and collection of yachts.


Marbella, The Focus Of Flashes

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The glamour and luxury of the Marbella Luxury Weekend do not go unnoticed by international observers. While the event is a must for most parts of prestige businesses and services, it is equally important for global media. National and international publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Telva, among many others, as well as representatives from Russian, Arab and American media outlets will be on hand in Marbella to give a glimpse of the latest trends to the world. Fashion critic, society reporters, trend spotters and professional photographers will all flock to this cradle of glamour during these days.  However, if you want to experience this all in person and draw your own conclusions about the latest trends, this is an opportunity you cannot miss.

In addition to all of this, we must also mention the haute cuisine contribution of renowned chefs, including Dani Garcia who will be on hand to delight attendees, offering a masterful display at the stove guests will have the opportunity to enjoy.



In addition to the activities organised around the luxury market, solidarity will also be in focus with a charity raffle conducted to support the SOS Foundation’s Universal Day of Children, to raise fund to support its project, “One Basket, One Family.”  The drawing will include several luxury brands that have donated products and will be held at the event’s closing ceremony.



Belvue Rooftop Bar del hotel Amare Marbella

Belvue Rooftop Bar del hotel Amare Marbella

If you decide to visit the Marbella Luxury Weekend, there is nothing better than staying in a prestigious hotel. Fuerte Marbella and Amare Marbella will provide all kinds of services and amenities in the heart of the city and just 15 minutes from Puerto Banus. This hotel group offers more than 60 years of experience as a leader in quality hospitality, as evidence in online portals like TripAdvisor. Whether taking a holiday with friends or family, the choice of Fuerte will fit your travel needs perfectly.

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