An experience for the traveller 2.0 rather than a journey (II)

Yesterday we talked about responsible hotels and their offer of an unforgettable experience for the tourist.

It is an opportunity to combine days of quietness and fun both inside and outside the hotels.

Today we enlarge the case of Fuerte Hoteles and its programme Experiences, which through a set of activities where hotel guests can participate provide the opportunity to know different features of the culture and environment around its hotels in Marbella, Estepona, Grazalema, Conil o El Rompido.

Learning how to prepare local dishes

In respect of activities related to meals you can learn how to prepare the widely known gazpacho or salmorejo, to sample olive oils, to make wine tastings, or the secrets of the worldwide known sangria. We will tell you some of the most popular:

Gazpacho Workshop: If you ever wondered which the secrets of the best kept recipe of the Andalusian culture are, then Fuerte Hoteles will tell you everything: tomatoes, peppers, olive oil and… (only available at the hotels, you will have to wait…).

Olive oil tasting: give you palate the pleasure of sampling the different varieties of olive oils, so typical in the Mediterranean diet. Try it on slices of bread with ham, tuna, tomato or omelette.

Fuerte Hoteles also offers in its carte a wide range of green, local and healthy products, grown with natural treatments, which prevent air, soil and water pollution.

Environment activities

If the travellers is concerned about activities carried out in the environment the hotel chain suggests a visit to the organic garden of every hotel, a sunset with a glass of wine, a visit to the farm (in Grazalema), a spa tour or a responsible route. The most popular for the guests are:

Visit to the organic garden: Fuerte Hoteles show to the youngest ones our organic garden and they learn how gratifying it is to grow greens, vegetables or aromatic herbs… we even harvest them!

Responsible route: Through this initiative the innards of the hotel are shown, so the guests can watch firsthand that our environment-friendly measures are real and not pure marketing. It is a complete tour where guests are guided around solar panels, laundry, engine room, etc. and they are given all the answers and explanations about good environmental behaviour they may need.

Spa Tour: with this tour the guest will discover the benefits from water through a circuit in our spa, were we will give them advice on how to pamper their body with massages, rituals and treatments while taking a brew.

Road cycling in natural environments

Road cycling in natural environments

Learning Spanish or guided visits to Old Town

If after the culinary workshops and the environment activities we are willing to know the place we are staying and to inmerse ourselves in its culture, why not to do a workshop on Spanish as a second language? But do not worry if Spanish is your first language because there are a wide range of options: routes to visit the old town, visit to the mill in Grazalema, children recycling workshops…

We highlight the most interesting for the guests:

Cultural visits: In these routes guests have the opportunity to know the most important streets and customs through a walk around the old town of these typical Andalusian villages

Spanish as a second language classes: Do you know that more than 500 millions people speak Spanish? In this workshop you can learn the basics of the Cervantes’ language to manage on your holidays:

“¡Una cerveza por favor!” (May I have some beer?, please

Would you like to tell us your experience at some of these destinations?
Please share your advice, suggestions and opinions with us!

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