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    ‘Sensitive Material’ art exhibition in Conil de la Frontera

    The Fuerte Foundation’s Cultural Area has organized and is promoting the ‘Sensitive Material’ art exhibition at the Hotel Fuerte Conil, featuring the works of artists Pacciollo Enrrico, Sandra Hoyos and Joseph Aniés. The exhibition will open on July 20th and will run trhrough September 27th.

    These three artists have been heavily influenced by the surroundings of Conil, from the sound of the ocean wave to the open landscape of Conil de la Frontera, Cadiz. For artists Pacciollo Enrrico, Sandra Hoyos and Joseph Aniés, this influence is reflected in each artist’s different approach to the landscape and the compelling variety of techniques and styles.

    Because they come from different countries, both Enrrico, from his native Italy (specifically the city of Brescia) and Sandra Hoyos, from Bogota, Colombia, add an outsider’s analytical view of the area, offering a fresh view on the often wild and naked environment, including the beaches and the countryside around them.


    Enrrico’s use of water colors seeks to capture the light of the sea at its most interesting and the immediacy of the environment through loose brush strokes. Meanwhile, Sandra Hoyos (who studied Architecture, Urban Design and Architectural Restoration at La Salle University in Colombia) produces high quality works by translating pictorial landscape architectural structures in a semi abstract fashion style, with a free interpretation and original use of color.

    No less interesting is the work of renowned international photographer José Anies, who had the opportunity to personally and professionally work with the renowned photographer Peter Parker during his time in London. To Anies, photography has “a hidden power that catches on your network”. Anies’ work manages to capture the ephemeral beauty of the precise moment to offer glimpse of the artist’s deep symbolism.

    Together, these artists offer three interesting views of Conil de la Frontera that visitors are sure to enjoy.

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