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    Marbella’s Hotel Fuerte and Fuerte Miramar Step Up to Help the Red Cross

    I Golf Circuit organized by Red Cross

    I Golf Circuit organized by Red Cross

    Knowing that being a productive and active member of Southern Spain’s vibrant business community means more than just offering the best accommodations and tourism experience Andalusia has to offer, Fuerte Hoteles has joined forces with local Golf Circuit to raise money for the Red Cross.

    This Thursday, August 30, 2012, Fuerte Hoteles will help host a one of a kind event aimed at raising much-needed funds for the regional “Project Crisis” charity effort. One of eight such tournaments, this weekend’s event will be held at Guadalmina’s Real Club de Golf, marking the first of several such tournaments across Andalucía’s many provinces.

    While the event is a part of a regional circuit of similar charity events, proceeds from this weekend’s tournament will go to help the local Red Cross Assembly in Marbella to help further their work addressing a number of pressing social issues that fall under the “Project Crisis” effort. These include social inclusion (at risk families), youth and long-term unemployment and the educational needs of local children.

    Now, more than ever, Fuerte Hotels and their fellow hosting partners, ask all those who can take part to join us this year. Now, more than ever, the need to help ease and alleviate the harsh conditions so many of our neighbors face each day grows greater across Marbella and Andalucía.

    A Circuit Across Eight Provinces

    The broader golf charity circuit will feature eight different tournaments across Andalucía, offering placements and opportunities to win across various categories. These include singles, ladies and gentlemen and those participating without a handicap. There will also be opportunities to play for juniors and children in those facilities where the club rules allow for such participation.

    The game mode will be “Stableford Handicap“and exits will take place simultaneously for all holes of the course. In the provincial stage, there will be two separate classifications; one for women and another for gentlemen, with tropies reserved for winners in each group.

    The Red Cross Mission and Vision

    Enjoy golf, just 15 min. of hotels

    With a long and established tradition of “working closly with those vulnerable on the national and international level through preventative actions, assistance, rehabilitation and development, mainly through the assistance of volunteers.”

    Further, the Red Cross vision includes action as a humanitarian organization, allowing for voluntary action rooted in society, “to give comprehensive answers from a devlopment perspective to victims for natural disasters, social emergencies and for environmental health.”

    Fuerte Hoteles shares those same values with the Red Cross as a humanitarian organization and their efforts to promote humanity, impartiality, independence and universiality. For those who would like to join with us and put in their own two cents and play some golf while they’re at it, Fuerte Hoteles offers comfort and ease with one location in Marbella – Hotel Fuerte Marbella. Those attending this wonderful event will be able to enjoy the town center and alll the amenities these two seaside locations have to offer, just minutes from the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, where the tournament will take place. Come join us as we partner with our neighbors to help the Red Cross continue their commitment to social responsibility and aid for those who need it most. And while you’re at it, enjoy a wonderful social event in the heart of Spain’s beautiful Costa del Sol.

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