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Do You Know The Story of Olive Oil’s Tastes and Smells?

One of the first places in the world where olives were extensively cultivated was Andalucia. Today, olive trees can be found growing throughout the Mediterranean Sea basin and across the world.

As far back as the time of Christ, Andalucia has been the largest producer of oil in the Mediterranean. The olive crop is so vast that the region basically had a monopoly on olive oil production in Southern Spain, in the areas around Cordoba, Sevilla and Ecija.

Today oil is even more appreciated in Europe for its positive effect on our health and its unsaturated fat, which is more beneficial to one’s health than fat from the butter or margarine for example.

Olive Oil Tasting Workshops

As for his taste, extra virgin olive oil may contain hints of fruit, sour, sweet and spicy at the same time. Specifically, those oils with a with spicy finish are especially healthy because they are high in antioxidants (such as those from the Picual olive variety). If you put your nose to an extra virgin olive oil, you can enjoy hints of apple or almond aromas, with scents of other fruits and herbs, which make it ideal for use in oil to dress salads, vegetable dishes or simply to cook.

The olive oil colour varies from pale yellow to deep green, but the color tells us nothing about the characteristics of its aroma and flavor, which can only be discovered by tasting.

Would you like to recognise the characteristics and different flavours of the oils? We recommend attending olive oil tasting workshops from Fuerte Hotels, which are offered at all of its locations.

Participate and learn first hand more about this wonderful and healthy product that is popularly known as liquid gold.

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