10 Ways To Get Back To Normal After The Holidays

Now that it’s mid-October, the holidays are over and you may feel a dipping morale after the warm weather months. What can you expect? Longer nights, colder weather and the holidays are just around the corner. With it all can be more stress, joy, work and of course, expenses.

In short, many see the arrival of Autumn as sad and anxiously await the arrival of Spring and with it, Easter. But that waiting is not always healthy over time – we can enjoy the moment. Let’s look at the reasons why we feel low and the 10 things you can do to make it better.

1. Returning Home At The Last Moment

Everyone wants to take advantage of every moment of the holidays, but if you come home on Sunday and start working or rush the children to school on Monday morning, every task becomes a race against time – something you should avoid. The solution , though it seems a little harsh, is returning early to allow time to organise well around the new schedule and adjust to your normal lifestyle .


2. Re-Starting Your Domestic Life

You’ve been away on holidays and if you have stayed in a hotel, others have done for you everyday tasks such as cooking, laundry, ironing, cleaning , etc. for you. Getting back to normal can be difficult for a few days, but try to organise and prioritise tasks. You can not do everything at once.

3. Back to Working Life

You arrive at the office and find on your table, the thousands of papers that need attention. You have many tasks that also need doing, and you become more moody than ever. A Solution? There are two types of problems: those who can solve and those who do not. For example, lots of emails you have to read is your responsibility so be a little patient. It is impossible for you to change the mood of your boss so do not even try. Just let those comments come one ear and out the other.


4. Understand The Changes

Before your holiday you had high hopes that your life may change after your holiday. Whilst on holiday you were optimistic about life when you got back. Yet, when you arrive home, you see that nothing has really changed. Everything has remained the same The solution is to see that things have indeed changed. Having a holiday is very beneficial for mind and body. All that is happening is an adaptive process, which will end shortly and you should become more optimistic about the future.

5. Finding Time For The Family

When you were on holidays you enjoyed lots of free time with family, sharing great moments with your children, but now time is fleeting. Just focus on organising time on the weekends.


6. Watching What You Eat

During the holidays, you may have gained a few kilos, but the return to routine can be a great time to change your lifestyle. Practice sports and eat healthy – it will help you cope better!

7. Coping With How Dour Everything Looks And The Lack of Motivation

Everything looks black and I have nothing that motivates me. Try instead to be positive during the holidays, emphasising funny moments from the past. Also think about the happy events motivate you and sign up for everything!

8. Dealing With The Holiday Bad Habits

Try to take care of those bad habits you picked up in every way. Be careful what you eat, exercise and take some time for yourself from time to time, like a beauty treatment or a getaway.


9. Addressing Boredom and Routine

Returning to work is an ideal time to find new hobbies to keep your mind busy and stimulate you both physically and intellectually. This will also serve to boost your social life.

10. During The Holidays, You Felt You Could Do Anything

On your holidays, you felt in control of your life and now that feeling is gone and you think your life belongs to your home, school and work. Again you’ve lost control of your life. A solution: One of the most important things to remember is that it is not people or situations, which cause us problems but our perception of the same. We do have control over our lives, it’s just that we don’t perceive it that way.

Try to implement these suggestions and you’ll feel better. This feeling of mild depression will pass quickly. Once through, this experience should serve to help ensure a healthier lifestyle where we eat better, do more regular exercise, get out more and enjoy all that life has to offer .

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