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    12 key points to improving your willpower to do sport

    They say willpower is our most unfaithful friend because it lets us down at the most important times. Unfortunately, in these modern times, we need to have more willpower and self-control than ever. Willpower is needed in many areas of life, especially if you have bad habits or if there is something we should do but we don’t want to. In this post, we want to strengthen your desire to do more exercise or even start doing it, if you haven’t been doing it. Here are 12 key points you should consider to strengthen your willpower:

    1. Make your goal more tangible: instead of saying “I’m going to get in shape” or “I will lose weight”, say “I’m going to walk for an hour three times a week” or “I’ll walk 4 kilometres on every other day”.

    2. Set yourself reasonable and achievable targets. Say “I will walk 10 kilometres every day” is useless. You won’t be able to sustain that rhythm.

    3.  Make a list of the reasons why you want to do physical exercise and your goals. Read this list every day so you are remember it and can reinforce your goals.

    4. Think of the consequences of not achieving your goals.

    5. Make sure you prioritise: most important first. This will give you a feeling of controlling your life, which will encourage you to exercise.

    6. Try to be flexible, especially in the use of time. You’ll have to find 4-6 hours a week, so the key is to plan as I said in the previous post.

    7. You must differentiate between reasons and excuses for not exercising. Visiting a doctor is a good reason but seeing a TV show is an excuse.

    8. Change your perception of exercise in your life. Consider it as an integral part of it, like sleeping, eating or going to work. It’s not a choice or for fun, but is an essential part.

    9. Don’t forget the benefits. Although you don’t want to, you know you’ll feel better at the end of the sports session.

    10. Congratulate yourself. You have accomplished something by being able to control your body and doing things that you probably don’t want to.

    11. Focus on the long-term benefits in achieving your goals. You’ll feel them in the short-term as well as long-term, especially with regard to the health benefits it brings.

    12. If you feel good about yourself, self-control is easier. Eat healthily, do not drink too much alcohol and try to sleep. If you exercise regularly, you’ll begin a positive chain reaction. Enjoy feeling fantastic, and the desire to keep being active will continue. This will make self-discipline easier and your willpower easier to control.

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