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    Extra Kilos: Here Are Ten Tips To Help Lose Weight After Christmas

    After Christmas has passed and January arrives, your scale can quickly become your worst enemy as those dreaded extra kilos begin to show. Sweets, alcohol ands heavy meals weigh heavily on our bodies making it necessary to not only work to regain our figure, but also eliminate all those toxins we’ve accumulated. Below, we’ve gathered ten simple tips to get your weight back under control in a measured and balanced way.

    1. A Little Exercise

    It should be made clear that there are no miracle diets and that any healthy approach to weight loss must include exercise. You do not need to spend hours and hours in the gym but should think about adding a moderate amount of physical activity to your schedule. It can be very healthy to go for a walk or go jogging. It’s important that we begin to reduce the excesses of Christmas and that is not possible without moving your body.

    A Little Exercise

    2. Drink Plenty Of Water

    When it comes to purifying your body, there is nothing better than water. It is very important that after heavy meals, sweets and alcohol from the holidays, you should drink plenty of water to remove all the toxins that have accumulated. This should also be considered after coffee drinks as water will rehydrate your body and skin.

    Drink Plenty Of Water

    3. Sleep 8 Hours A Day

    Another key way to losing those extra pounds you’ve taken on at Christmas is to allow an adequate amount of rest for your body. Sleeping eight hours a day can spur our metabolism and reverse any impact from new foods. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, providing an ideal balance for your body and mental state.

    Sleep 8 Hours A Day

    4. Have A Light Dinner

    There is a wise saying that suggests you eat “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”. This popular phrase is true and, above all, especially relevant when losing post-holiday weight. Enormous meals like those prepared on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or when company arrives should be put behind you. At night, you should try to eat smaller meals and allow plenty of time – a couple of hours – before heading to bed.

    Have A Light Dinner

    5. Take Infusions

    It is wise to add daily infusions to your diet. Dandelion, pennyroyal mint, chamomile or anise are all options you can add to help purify your holiday body. The body needs to be cleaned out after the excesses of Christmas and this can help you achieve this. If you can, prepare them without sweeteners or sugar, cutting down on unneeded calories.

    Take Infusions

    6. Avoid Red Meat

    Red meat can be difficult to digest and in the first days of the new year, it is advisable to serve small quantities of it or cut it out completely, relying on poultry dishes like chicken or turkey, or looking to fish options. During the first weeks of January, work to reduce all toxins possible to avoid increasing the fat accumulated over the holiday season.

    Avoid Red Meat

    7. Avoid The Sweets

    Remember those cakes, shortbreads and nougat? They will stick around long after the holiday in the form of extra kilos. Therefore, it is essential not to give into temptation. Whenever you feel the need for a sweet, it is better to seek out a healthier option like a tangerine, pear or really any fruit. Just try to avoid the bakery or pastry shop. You’ve had enough at Christmas!

    Avoid The Sweets

    8. Do Not Abuse Your Digestive System

    It is possible that the heavy meals of Christmas can have a lasting effect on your digestive system. It is not good to treat digestive abuse with bicarbonates or fruit salts as these can cause side effects. Instead, try seeking out alternatives to address stomach pain. If you can control the food you eat, you can avoid heartburn.

    Do Not Abuse Your Digestive System

    9. Eat 5 Times A Day

    The trick of any balanced diet is to eat small amounts five times a day. This is a way to distribute food and make digestion more bearable. Additionally, when you split up the amount you eat, your stomach will be able to burn more calories. This is a healthy way to avoid feeling heavy and full all of the time.

    Eat 5 Times A Day

    10. Create A Diet Rich In Fibre And Antioxidants

    Whatever diet you choose to reduce those extra kilos after Christmas, it is important that your diet is high in fibre and antioxidants. This is especially true with fruit and vegetables. Consider this when choosing a proper weight loss programme and remember that miracles cures do not exist. Do not gamble with your health or what you choose to eat.

    Create A Diet Rich In Fibre And Antioxidants

    Now you know, if you want to reduce your weight or just detoxify your body after Christmas, you can follow these ten simple tricks that will make it easier. A good diet mixed with exercise is the most important point to remember. Be patient and do not lose faith.

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