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A Fun Anecdote: Hotels With Animals And Their Stories

We all know that hotels have many stories to tell thanks to a steady stream of people of all sorts of backgrounds and personalities coming and going throughout the day. The truth is that increasingly, it’s not just people arriving, but animals too, making it necessary for tourism establishments to adapt to the needs of those families who do not want to leave their pets behind when they go on vacation.

Today, the Fuerte Blog wants to tell the story of our co-worker, Teresa – a maid at the Hotel Fuerte Conil – Costa Luz – who wanted to share the tale of the Parrot in Room 1064 with our readers. We’ll turn it over to her for the rest of the story:

Hello, My name is Teresa and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you one of the many stories about my time working as a maid in the Fuerte Hotel.

It all started one day after he arrived. As always, I began my shift on the floor I’d been assigned to and noticed that on my day off, new guests had arrived in rooms 1064 and 1065. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find a parrot there. You know that as a responsible hotel and one so committed to the environment, we of course accept animals, but I never imagined that I would meet this unexpected guest – A Parrot! At first, it appeared that the parrot was not talking, at least it wasn’t saying anything to me.

That same day, I met the owners of the bird just as they left the room and I gasped when the parrot began calling out, whistling for them and most amusingly of all, imitating the dog in the next room! The truth was, I was won over and I made a pledge that before they departed the hotel, I would ge the parrot to speak to me.

At first, the bird seemed reluctant to offer me much attention, but as the days went by, I reserved a little time to spend with the parrot – a few minutes of downtime that I could make up later on. I spoke to it as I cleaned, making sure to remain calm and careful so as not to scare him, but he said nothing to me – not a peep.

The guests – its owners – ended up staying for ten days and on the last day, my reward came. A co-worker named Graciaela and I entered to clean the room and as usual, the parrot said nothing, but as I turned to leave, it began to whistle at me. What a true joy! After so long, I have become very fond of the parrot. I figured that I was on a roll so I asked the bird to imitate the dog next door and it barked at me! Perhaps that may seem a little silly to some, but for me, it was quite an achievement. I like to make sure that each and every guests is treated well and treated with love.

Truthfully, I don’t know if any of the former guests that stayed on my floor will see this, but my area of the Hotel Fuerte Conil – the first floor west – has seen many animals pass through over the years, including a hamster that I’d like to say hello to.

So, I’d like to finish this story by sending a message to the dogs Telma, Bruno, Macarena, Mac and especially Rocky, who is no longer with us but whose owner continues to return every year to my floor.

Teresa, thank you very much for sharing this nice story with us, making clear that Fuerte Hotels, pets are more than welcome. If you are someone who travels with a pet, make your reservation by clicking here.

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