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    To Consume or Recycle? The Dilemma Of Our Times

    Obra de la exposición Arte Responsable

    Obra de la exposición Arte Responsable

    In these trying economic times, the issue of recycling is on everyone’s lips more than ever – is it an obligation or necessity? Whatever the motivation or reason, recycling is one of the most important ways we can protect our environment.

    Recycling helps us to consume less energy, providing a way we can protect the ozone layer. An example of how this works to remember is that you need 26% less energy to re-process a glass container than to create a new one. Further, this process helps to reduce CO2 emissions by 20%, as well as decreasing the amount of contaminants usually associated with the manufacturing of glass, including sand, lime and soda, by 40%.

    Over the last few years, we changed all of our bulbs to low power models and now we’ve shifted our efforts towards using new types of LEDs that achieve a savings of 40% over normal electricity consumption. You can find simple measure to implement at home here. (See them by clicking here).

    Art Can Be Sustainable Too

    Responsible Art

    You’ve undoubtedly heard of examples of environmentally-friendly, but were you aware that there are art collections entirely made from recycled materials? Among these are those found on display in Fuerte HotelesResponsible Art exhibition.

    This initiative, an undertaking of the Fuerte Foundation, is the first in the world created to raise issues of both environmental and social issues to guests of the hotel group, as well as the general public. These works were created by local artists as a way of dealing with environmental care and protection and the inevitable impact of society in that process.

    Through their artwork, these artists inspire us to recycle, so in 2010 the Fuerte Foundation organised the first exhibition of Recycled Art in Andalucia at the Hotel Fuerte Estepona. Such events have continued year after year, including now. In fact, 2014 is loaded with creative, cultural activities that take advantage of discarded or unused items to give them a new meaning, turning them into art.

    Let us know, what do you recycle?

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