Repopulating The Coastal Juniper, One of Andalucía’s Most Endangered Species

The Coastal Juniper, along with the Spanish Fir, is the only species of tree that has a conservation program in Andalucía because of the delicate nature surrounding the plant’s endangered status. For that reason, public institutions have launched an ambitious conservation program and are receiving support from Fuerte Hotels towards natural regeneration of the local tree.

The hotel group has been so excited about supporting the effort that the Hotel Fuerte El Rompido has planted an example of the Juniperus oxycedrus , donated by the Government of Andalucía, in their gardens. Like all other hotels under the Fuerte name, this hotel has planted the tree to support xeriscaping practices, which involves planting native species to help save energy and water.

A Unique Species To Andalucia


The Coastal Juniper is one of the most unique plants in Andalucía, an area that has experienced years of logging, the adverse effects of pine tree reforestation and widespread construction and fires. All these factors have combined to create a difficult environment for the Coastal Juniper.

This tree is native to the coast of Cadiz and Huelva. Its formations represent, in many cases, the mature ecosystem of dunes and rocky cliffs. They have adapted to harsh habitats, including dry, nutrient poor settings, where they are subjected to salt-laden winds and sand, such as those found along the sea of the Andalucían provinces.

Additionally, these species are used to living in dunes that are continually moving due to the ability to raise their roots as the dune grows so the trunk is never quite buried by the passage of the sand, as occurs with other plant species.

Botanical Route

Juniper Coastal ecosystems are more important than we think since they protect inland areas from storms. They are inhabited by plants and animals as unique as the common chameleon, so their protection is vital.

For over 50 years Fuerte Hotels has promoted and practices responsible tourism, which works towards a coexistence and harmony with the local environment and the surrounding area. With these initiatives, Fuerte hopes to promote an awareness of environmental care and now our guests can see the growth of this native plant through a program of entertainment activities – the Fuerte Experiences.

As a part of out Botany Route, guests will find information boards explaining the characteristics of this species in the area, offering a little education while they enjoy their vacation. Also, this week, guests can discover the garden’s new ‘inhabitants’, as seen in the photograph of our new chestnut trees.


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