Visit Andalucia from the air in a hot air balloon and enjoy the landscape from above

A romantic walk, a unique gift or simply a unique experience. Hot air balloon flights have become increasingly popular in Andalucia, as the landscapes from the air are spectacular. If you wish to visit the south of Spain to enjoy this experience and feel the freedom this walk through the Andalucian sky gives you. Ronda, Granada, Antequera or Grazalema are some places where you can fly. Do not miss our suggestions and enjoy your trip, let’s fly!


1. The majesty of the Tajo de Ronda from the air

Ronda, Málaga

Flying a hot air balloon is like floating in the air. Go up to the skies with your partner and enjoy the best views from the top. Ronda gives you the opportunity to live this experience and share one of the best pictures of the town, just like a bird. Precisely because of its romantic atmosphere this trip is ideal to share with your love. It is amazing to see the gorge the city is settled on from above, El Tajo, since it’s more impressive than from the mainland. The Bullring, the New Bridge, the Arab baths and other monuments, are mixed in a spectacular set from the air. What better gift to enjoy with your love than the feeling of freedom and peace of mind this magnificent journey through the clouds gives you?


2. Granada beneath your feet

Balloon flights AndaluciaGranada

The city of Alhambra is considered one of the jewels of Andalucia and a balloon ride will show you a completely different perspective, as impressive as usual. Do not hesitate and fly the sky of Granada that inspired the international poet Federico García Lorca. At your feet, the most traditional neighbourhoods of the town such as Albaicin. Enjoy the Arab architecture of the narrow streets and the palatial city of Alhambra. Its fantastic gardens, architecture and everything that surrounds this monument World Heritage Site.


3. Hot air balloon ride over Antequera

Balloon flights Andalucia - HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE

Do you want to see the most important karst landscape of Andalucia from the air? Well, don’t think it over and get on a balloon in Antequera. Torcal is impressive from above and you can see all the figures that the water has carved throughout the centuries in the limestone. The Rock of love is another element that will leave you surprised from the air. Do not miss a thing from this trip. Observe all the religious temples, the street shapes, the beautiful neighborhood of El Portichuelo and the Collegiate Church of St. Mary Major.


4. Sevilla bird’s eye view

Balloon flights Andalucia - Sevilla

The capital of Andalucia from the air is somwthing worth seeing. Its monuments divided by Guadalquivir River will make you feel the greatness of this city. Seville has beautiful constructions. One example is the Cathedral of Seville, the largest in Europe with Gothic style. The building was made in the fifteenth century on the ruins of a mosque, with only the minaret left, known as Giralda, which is the emblem of the locality, besides the Patio de los Naranjos. La Torre del Oro and Plaza of Spain are two interesting points to observe from the Andalucian sky.


5. Flying over Grazalema

Balloon flights Andalucia - Zahara, Sierra de Grazalema

Not only the cities are worth seeing from the hot air balloon, but also the natural environments enhance their charm from the sky. That happens with Sierra de Grazalema, which houses one of the most unusual species of natural scene, the Spanish fir. Mainly located in Sierra del Pinar for being the wettest place in the Peninsula, this species is descended from the Central spruce forests that were here during the great ice ages. An unusual sight that can only be observed in this place and that will leave one of the most curious and significant images of nature from the sky. You feel like you are flying like a bird, breathing fresh air. Your children will surely enjoy this experience to the fullest, as in this case, we recommend doing it with the family.


6. Flying over Doñana, Huelva

Balloon flights Andalucia - Doñana Natural park

Imagine flying over one of the most beautiful natural areas of Europe, with its different ecosystems, lagoons and dune landscape by the sea. The Doñana Natural Park (Huelva) offers a unique experience on a hot air balloon that everyone should try at least once in life. Of course there are companies that offer this singular journey.



Balloon flights

You don’t need previous training to fly on a hot air balloon. Before getting on the balloon, the flight guides will tell us some tips such as bending the legs at the time of landing. The speed this transport reaches is not very high, at the most about 20 kilometres per hour, in order to maintain the safety of the trip and for the wind not to be a problem. Those with vertigo don’t need to be afraid to live this experience because, although it seems amazing, you do not have that feeling while on the balloon.

Normally for each trip, there are groups of 20 people who are always standing. Children can wander through the sky without problems and also enjoy this adventure with their parents.

Preparation takes about an hour, since the balloon needs to be inflated with propane gas. Trips are not allowed on very windy days. Generally, the trip usually lasts one hour, enough for the experience to be remembered.

It is good to try this experience in Andalucia, since its landscapes are spectacular. If you travel to southern Spain on holiday consider this option and immortalize every moment with your camera.

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Viewpoints that will leave you speechless: the best views in Andalucia



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