Sweet November: Ten Typical Andalucian Products For An All Saints Feast

Huesos de Santo

With All Saints Day on the way, Andalucia is preparing to remember those that have passed. This annual visit to to the cemetery is accompanied by a culinary tradition, especially seen in pastries. Grandmothers and granddaughters join each other at the stove to put their faith to work. The flavour of the Andalucian Autumn is […]

Trick Or Treat? Learn How To Make A Sinister Halloween Pumpkin In 5 Easy Steps

halloween calabaza

The arrival of Autumn brings with it one of the most sinister holidays of the year: Halloween. While it has Anglo origins, Halloween is increasingly rooted in Spanish culture. On the night of the 31st of October, witches, spirits and horror become central characters of holidays tales. But how should we decorate our homes for the […]

Is the Beach Season Over with the end of The Summer? We Give You 11 Reasons Why Visiting The Sea in Autumn Is Healthy

Playa en otoño en Andalucia

The beach in autumn is as much or more attractive than in summer. In Andalusia it is specially so. The weather conditions are very mild even in autumn. The temperatures are mild and not so many people go to the Andalusian beaches as in summer. You can also practice sports like surfing or windsurfing, among […]


escapada otoñal Grazalema

IT’S UP TO YOU HOW YOU SAMPLE THEM 24 August 2017. As well as the normal change in weather, autumn is synonymous with back to school, back to day to day life and back to the never-ending routine. So that it doesn’t seem quite so long until the next holidays, plenty of people opt for […]

(Español) ¿Bajón después de las vacaciones? 10 consejos para evitarlo

Vuelta al trabajo

(Español) Los primero días de septiembre pueden causar mucho estrés en nuestros hogares. Se han terminado las vacaciones hasta el año que viene, la luz del día es cada vez más corta y el tiempo empeora. Las navidades aparecen muy lejos y caemos en el aburrimiento del trabajo y la vida cotidiana. No es extraño […]

(Español) ¿Tiene efectos negativos el cambio hora? 6 consejos para combatirlos

(Español) En esta época del año son muchos los que sienten los efectos negativos del cambio de hora. Los relojes se adelantan y algunos se encuentran extraños por el cambio, pero, ¿por qué pasa esto? Desde luego cada individuo es diferente y reacciona de una manera distinta y de una forma muy personal, pero obviamente […]

Three Plans You Can’t Miss Out On This Autumn: From Chestnuts To Mushrooms In Malaga

Autumn has arrived and with it, falling leaves and the smell of fireplaces. And what more typical and healthy way to enjoy it than a walk in the country. Once you are well sheltered and equipped, grabbing some fruit, water and a backpack, you’re ready to enjoy a cinematic day. Who said Autumn means an […]

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