20 Tips For Surviving Christmas

The holiday season is fast approaching – that time of year of peace and harmony ….. or so it should seem. The amount of work, financial pressure, excess food and alcohol that come with it are not always so good for your health so we’ve gathered some tips to help you survive the holidays. 

1. Planning:

Try to plan everything, including your finances. Try writing an action plan for the week and stick to it. You will undoubtedly face some difficult situations and things will surely change, but if you have a feeling of control, you will probably stay that way. The panic caused by decisions made at the last minute is not healthy and can be very expensive.

2. Budget:

Think about your budget and try not to stray from it. You should know how much you can spend, so make a list before you go shopping. Shops and supermarkets have very persuasive ways to separate you from your money. Do not forget ‘hidden’ costs, such as long distance calls, gifts for people who you have forgotten, and even Christmas postage.

3. Savings:

To save money, be imaginative with your gifts. Everyone knows that money is tight so no one expects super expensive gifts. There will even be family members who prefer not to give away anything and can thus be more generous with the kids. That said, do not spend too much. Many expensive toys will be obsolete as soon as school begins. Do not forget to make a list.

4. Waiting Until The Last Minute:

Do not leave everything to the last minute and this includes Christmas shopping and cooking. Remember to plan and try doing work in stages.

5. Exercising:

Set aside time for exercise – at least an hour a day – and two things will happen. First. you will have a sense of wellbeing. The second is that you will think more clearly so you can literally make your plans while you walk, run or bike.



6. Know Your Limitations:

You must be clear about your limitations – do not try to do too much. If the whole family is coming, ask everyone to bring prepared dished so that everyone is physically and financially invested and not all your responsibility.

7. Putting Families To Work:

If you have older parents, let them invite the whole family for dinner, but make sure they all contribute, delegate responsibility.

8. Organisation:

Organise the kitchen before you start your work. A traditional meal will be easier to organise instead of haute cuisine. Again, it is important to make a list of things you need and in some cases, it might be easier to buy things you need online or ask others to bring them. Also, delegate tasks. Children love to be involved so you can give them small jobs.

9. Consider Ready Made Meals

Supermarket made meals may not always be the best option  – a home cooked meal is always better and probably cheaper, but it might help you to avoid some hard work. If you prefer to purchase a pre-cooked meal, remember to make sensible choices. Good ham and smoked salmon are ideal and usually reasonably prices, plus you do not have to thaw or cook them. Remember to spend within your budget and when you buy frozen items, take them out of the fridge the night before so there will be time for them to thaw.

10. Be Aware Of Yourself:

You know you’re going to eat more food, fat, sugar and calories, and drinking more alcohol than usual at parties, so during the days prior to the 24th of December, try to eat less and reduce the amount of calories you consume. Also, if there are work celebrations, do the same the day before the party.


Reduce the amount of calories

11. Buy It Right:

When you are buying food for parties, try purchasing only what you need, not enough for two or three meals. Not only will you save some money, but you will not be left with high calorie food in the house for days afterwards.

12. Rest:

Try to relax and sleep well. If you’re always tired, you can not operate effectively.

13. Avoid Stress:

When a group of people gather together, tension is likely to rise as conversations grow more passionate. Try to avoid conflict areas like religion, politics, your grandfather’s will, etc. After dinner, take some time with games. If the weather is good, go out together or take a walk.

14. Avoid Excess:

Do not eat too much. Indigestion is not very nice. Sure, you can enjoy the food but get a grip .

15. Alcohol Control And Quality:

Do not drink too much or try to get others to drink alcohol. Calculate two glasses of wine for each adult and instead of buying many bottles of cheap wine, try buying fewer bottles of higher quality drinks.


Alcohol Control And Quality

16. Harmony:

On the day of the festivities, try to create a harmonious environment in the home, especially in the kitchen before you start your work. Perhaps a relaxation or breathing session would be beneficial. Put on some relaxing music unrelated to the holidays to avoid further stress of Christmas.

17. Ease The Excitement:

Avoid drinks like coffee with too much pep and caffeine. Breathing deeply on a regular basis should help.

18. Share:

If you have fears or stress about organising parties, don’t hesitate to let others know. If you suffer in silence, this will only exacerbate your feelings of stress. Remember that its a family celebration so you should not take on all the responsibility.

19. Earning A Degree In Experience:

Start your planning for next Christmas the week this one ends. Learn from your experiences, including both the good and the bad. Good planning is the key to success and the ability to remain stress free.

 20. Enjoy the day and Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

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