Clubbing in Marbella: 20 clubs and hot spots you cannot miss

Modern, elegant or underground, but always top quality. This is what nightlife in Marbella is like. Only here can you enjoy days relaxing by the pool or at the beach and then get dressed up to have a banging good time at the best nightclubs in Marbella. You’ll love the magnificent discos, fabulous clubs and elegant bars, all of which act as a magnet for crowds of Spanish and international tourists who visit this Mediterranean city each year to enjoy its unrivalled climate. Here you will find suggestions for spending a fantastic night at the best nightclubs in Marbella. You choose the music. Read on and pick the place you like most:



Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella


1. Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella

Nikki Beach

The Nikki Beach is a popular location on the Marbella beach front and is frequented by both national and international celebrities. Only 15 minutes from the city centre, this property offers you the opportunity to sunbathe while enjoying a glass of champagne under swaying palms.

At night, the place comes alive with renowned DJs playing funky house and Latin rhythms. The entertainment is assured until morning. Party under the stars in a classy place with exquisite food.

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2. Linekers

Linekers - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella


If you’re a sports fan and enjoy a great night out in Marbella, this is the place for you. Linekers is a sports bar by day and the type of club that never goes unnoticed by night. Its dance floor regularly attracts celebrities and VIPs who don’t hesitate to show their face there and enjoy the electrifying atmosphere.

If you’ve spent the whole night dancing and fancy a break, on the second floor can be found a bar, a pool table and a more chilled-out atmosphere. For great music, comfortable VIP enclosures and friendly staff, Linekers shouldn’t be missed if you’re on a night out in Puerto Banús.

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3. Funky Buddha (closed)

Funky Buddha - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella

Funky Buddha

Located just off the Golden Mile, home to the rich and famous of Marbella, it’s no surprise that this elegant London-style nightclub attracts the most attractive people on the coast and, of course, those who enjoy a high purchasing power.

As the name suggests, it is decorated in an oriental style with figures of Buddha, Indian rugs and colourful cushions that provide it with a particular elegance. This is an expensive place where you can enjoy a huge dance floor and several VIP tables to reserve.

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 TIBU - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella


TIBU is right in the centre of the luxurious Puerto Banús. Inside, the dancers occupy podiums while DJs mix a funky rhythm. The drinks are reasonably priced despite being an exclusive spot and usually has a young and fashion loving audience. The elegant and secluded VIP areas are perfect for escaping the bustle of the dance floor and relaxing with friends or someone special.

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5. Pangea

Pangea - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella


If you like house music, another spot to visit is Pangea located on the marina in the heart of Puerto Banús. This property features an outdoor rooftop that oozes luxury and offers unrivalled panoramic views of the Mediterranean, the Strait of Gibraltar and North Africa. In summer, you can dance to sensual rhythms while enjoying a cocktail in the moonlight.

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6. Finca Besaya (closed)

Finca Besaya - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella

Finca Besaya

The Finca Besaya nightclub is located in the picturesque Upper Green River and offers a great mixture of fine dining, exquisite interior design and classy nightclub. For over a decade, this impressive venue has provided the perfect setting for evenings full of dance, music and romantic summer meals under the stars as it has an outdoor area. Here you can listen to all kinds of commercial music and, especially, Latin rhythms if you fancy dancing a salsa or merengue.

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7. Lemmon

The Mansion | nightclubs y discotecas en Marbella

Lemmon. Extraída de Vive una experiencia

This enterteining place is a fantastic bar of glasses with an enterteining and exclusive environment and a particular enough design that you cannot stop seeing. It is the perfect place to begin the night among friends listening to good music and taking the first glasses. This place in addition as strong point has that it is in the habit of organizing thematic holidays and concerts in acoustic in order that this way every night that you go you spend it to yourself in big.

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8. Ocean Club Marbella

Ocean Club | nightclubs y discotecas en Marbella

Ocean Club

The famous Ocean Club Marbella is located at the foot of Puerto Banús Beach, more specifically at the end of Avenida Lola Flores. This club is without a doubt one of the most exclusive and is full of VIPs from the entire Marbella coast. It has live music and a spectacular swimming pool in the centre, and its very famous parties are some of the most anticipated events for all visitors to the city.

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9. Olivia Valere

Olivia Valere - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella

Olivia Valere

One of the most luxurious and popular clubs in Marbella is the Olivia Valere. A long list of celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Enrique Iglesias, Joaquín Cortés and Dolph Lundgren, among others, have visited this club that offers all kinds of music. The hotel has a fine restaurant, “Babylon”, and spectacular outdoor patios with Moorish arches that give off an aura of magic. An unforgettable experience that you should have if you visit Marbella.

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10. Maya Marbella

Maya Marbella

Maya Marbella

The disco Maya is one of the most popular fashion nightclubs in Marbella in both summer and winter. The room is not too big but, at night, the terraces of the pub are combined with the disco to create a nice atmosphere, especially for the environment that is none other than the Marbella promenade.  If you are with a group of friends who want to have a great time, make sure you come to Maya.

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La Suite Marbella

Enjoy the Marbellian nights in La Suite Club, the trendiest nightlife spot in Marbella.

La Suite Club is a sophisticated nightclub and an event space in Marbella. Drawing inspiration from the well-known Studio 54 of New York, the seductive decoration of this club of 600m2 successfully fuses the hotel’s Roman heritage with the industrial-feel of a New York Studio.

La Suite is the place for stars in Marbella, where the local jet set and celebrities that come to Costa del Sol each year can enjoy the best music and an exceptional ambience.

The open-air terrace, La Térrasse offers an unmatched space for guests to enjoy drinks and lounge music during all year long.

Boasting dedicated table service, world-renowned DJs, performers and the highest level of hospitality, La Suite caters to the most fashionable of partygoers.

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Aqwa Mist - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella

Aqwa Mist

 Aqwa Mist is the club in which you can admire design and sophistication in true Marbella style. It has a cutting-edge sound system and top DJs. The club has a capacity of 600 people and it is open from Monday to Sunday, from 1:00 to 6:00 (except on Fridays and Saturdays, when it closes at 7). If you’re looking to enjoy your evening in a more private area, you can book one of the VIP rooms which have a private bar, terrace, exclusive waiter service and jacuzzi.

The entrance is impressive from the beginning with a huge silver waterfall covering the façade which opens to allow you in. Inside, it continues with the theme of water in its decor and luxurious design. That is why so many celebrities choose it when they come to Marbella. Aqwa Mist has played host to singers like Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Tinie Tempah and Tyga among others. Eva Longoria, Silvia Van Der Vaart or international football players like Arsenal’s Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlain.

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News Cafe - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella. Fotografía:

News Café. Photo:

News Café is one of the hot spots in Puerto Banús. It is very close to Tibu Banús and has a very similar and exclusive atmosphere. If you’re a fan of celebrities, make sure you come here at weekends because you can find people like DJ Bob Sinclair or CSI Miami actor Gary Dourdan.

You will want to stay for the atmosphere and music: the best of funky, house and R&B. The Marbella night opens before you, with the boats on the harbour below you on one of its two terraces.

News Café has a capacity of 100 to 250 people and is open every day of the week. Monday to Thursday from 9:30 pm to 3:00 am, but until 4:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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Teatro Marbella

Teatro Marbella

This club is located just minutes away from Marbella’s main tourist attractions and also has direct vehicle access, exclusive parking and a valet service. What more could you ask for?

Marbella Theatre is a completely new concept. It’s a place where nothing is what it seems and where things happen that go beyond conventional limits. Its main concern is to continually surprise and impress its clients. If you decide to go to the theatre, bear in mind that it’s a fully fledged leisure option involving a culinary experience fully of shows and entertainment (the team includes 44 artists who are primed to stage anywhere between 15 and 20 micro-shows every evening). Those who want to carry on partying can visit the  Dreamers club, located next door.

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 15. SLEEK (closed)

Sleek - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella. Fotografía:

Sleek. Photo:

If you want to spend a night in Puerto Banús in style, come to Sleek. It is the largest building in the entire area and has a capacity of 1,500 people. It is very popular among celebrities and attracts big DJs to the Costa del Sol.

The main room has a great place to dance and also seats and tables where you can drink at the same time. It features an outdoor section where you can drink while enjoying the evening.

It has a VIP terrace and the Penthouse Club, the Ultra VIP part of Sleek.

Theme nights can be hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance or electro at night, with artists, acrobats and dancers during the hours in which Sleek is open (all week from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 am and Friday and Saturday until 7:00).

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 16. SEVEN

Seven - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella


Dream about the Far East in Seven. The decor is inspired by India with Buddhas, oriental-style chandeliers and dim lights which take us to an idyllic and exclusive place.

 The roof terrace on the top floor, makes Seven a jewel within the Marbella nightlife. The club is open all week from 22:30 to 4:00 am, with live music by the best DJs.

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Scream - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella


If you’re looking for entertainment venue in Marbella, stop by Scream. It one of the places which has been in Puerto Banús for the longest time. It has recently been remodelled and is a must for lovers of loud music as the club’s name indicates. It is a place mainly frequented by young people, where you can dance until the wee hours of the morning (it is open from 23:00 to 6:00 all week and, on Friday and Saturday, it closes at 7:00).

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 18. KUBE

Kube - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella


Kube is one of the latest clubs to open its doors. It is located at the end of the port, just behind the Louis Vuitton boutique, and is a place of extreme luxury and glamour. Nights at Kube are so spectacular that will be hard to forget an evening at this Marbella nightclub.

You can book one of the VIP sections and enjoy the evening just having a cocktail or wine while dancing or lounging on your private couch.

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19. SHOUT (closed)

Shout - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella


Shout offers something different to the rest of the clubs in Puerto Banús. This club is committed to live music. If you go to Shout, you can enjoy the best music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. This club is becoming famous in the Costa del Sol and more and more people come to listen to The Shout Band.

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20. MASK (closed)

Mask - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella. Fotografía:

Mask. Photo:

Nightlife in Marbella has its greatest exponent with the club Mask. It is located on the Milla de Oro (The Golden Mile) and has gained much importance on party nights and in the entertainment district.

The clean, luxurious design focuses on cutting-edge lines where purple and white tones are mixed. The main motif are the elegant masks scattered around the room that evoke what you will experience inside: an evening of elegance and exclusivity surrounded by the Marbella elite.

 It is a club that seems to be in another dimension, where you can also book and organise VIP parties.

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Hotel Fuerte Marbella - Marbella Nightlife, nightclubs in Marbella

Hotel Fuerte Marbella

If you decide to come to Marbella do not hesitate in staying in Fuerte Hoteles. Fuerte Marbella Hotel is a symbol for the city with more than 50 years experience at your service. The hotel has 263 rooms, all soundproofed and equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless Internet access and private bathroom with free amenities and hair-dryer, among other services. It is also surrounded by gardens, with superb sea views and 2 outdoor pools.


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