FIP Fuengirola


The International Villages Fair in Fuengirola is one of the most interesting events on the Costa del Sol leisure calendar. An unbeatable opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of the multiple nationalities residing in the municipality of Málaga.

The first FIP Fuengirola took place in 1994. Ever since, it has been held each year between April and May at the municipality’s fair centre, a space located in the town centre, very near the commuter train station and the interurban bus terminal. It also has parking for those who prefer to arrive by car.


An extensive and varied programme of activities

FIP Fuengirola, International Villages Fair in Fuengirola

Entry to the International Villages Fair is free and allows you to enjoy an extensive and varied programme of activities.

Firstly, there is an official programme put together by the Town hall. It includes different activities for sharing gastronomy, folklore, customs and music from the different countries and Spanish regions participating in the event.

Secondly, each participating nation and region puts together the programme of activities that will be taking place at their booths.

You will also be able to enjoy the exhibition and sale of traditional products from each participating country and region.

At the fair centre entrance, right in front of the booths, there are usually attractions for little ones, as well as a space for the International Sample Fair.


Visit over 20 countries without leaving Fuengirola

FIP Fuengirola

The FIP is an annual invitation to visit over 20 countries without leaving Fuengirola, and to learn about the culture and customs of several Spanish regions.

There are always more countries than Spanish regions represented at FIP.

Among the many countries that have taken part in FIP Fuengirola since 1994 are United States, Australia, Egypt, Venezuela, Mexico, Senegal, India, Hawaii, Finland, Norway, Ital, Japan and many more.

The Spanish regions that have been present at this multicultural event include Navarra, Canarias, Castilla-León, Asturias and, of course, Andalusia.

Things to do and see at FIP Fuengirola

FIP Fuengirola, Feria Internacional de los Pueblos

The international journey through FIP Fuengirola includes numerous fun activities and multicultural coexistence among families, friends and visitors. The many things you can do and see during this festival include:

  • Taste the multiple flavours of the traditional cuisine of each participating country and Spanish region. From dishes of the most exotic and furthest away countries to the Spanish regions that take part in the fair. An exquisite tasting of international and national gastronomy.
  • Watch the multicultural parade, in which all the delegations at each edition of FIP take part. You will enjoy seeing the eye-catching and colourful traditional dress of each region.
  • Attend the different performances of traditional dance that take place throughout the five days of the Fair.
  • Enjoy the numerous musical concerts of native groups that come to Fuengirola for this event. Live music in a multicultural and festive atmosphere.
  • Buy traditional products from each place. Without leaving Fuengirola, you can acquire numerous items made in far-off countries and regions.
  • Learn first-hand about the culture, customs and way of life of each village taking part at the fair.
  • Experience the festival in the company of people from other countries and Spanish regions. You will need hours to tour all the booths at the centre and to enjoy the daily performances of each one.
  • Enjoy a festive, cosmopolitan and multicultural environment.

Fuengirola Town Hall puts together the official FIP programme and the Fair Centre layout with the location of the booths of the countries and regions that take part at each edition.


FIP Fuengirola, programme 2017

The 2017 FIP Fuengirola starts on Thursday 27th April and lasts until Monday 1st May. It will be the 23rd edition of this multicultural festival and, as ever, it will be held at the Fuengirola Fair Centre.

This year, a total of 28 countries and 4 Spanish regions will participate, so you will be able to visit 32 booths and attend endless multicultural activities.


Every day:

12:00 h. – FIM Trade Fair Opening. Fairground entrance.

13:00 h. – Stands opening.

04:00 h. – Stands closing.

Saturday, April 29:

11:30 h. – Great Folklore Parade from Plaza de España to the Fair Ground.


Plaza de España, Avda. Condes de San Isidro, Avda. Matías Sáenz de Tejada,

C/ Alfonso XIII, Paseo Jesús Santos Rein and arrival to Fair Ground. (13:30 h).



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