Are You Ready to Enjoy the Best Carnivals in Andalucía?

Cadiz Carnaval


This and every year, Carnival means travelling to the wonderful cities of Cadiz and Malaga, where varied groups of locals and visitors alike fill the air each night with the infectious sound of joy and laughter.

Every February, Carnival celebrates the joy and the feast in cities across the world, with some of the most important and well known events taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Cádiz.

The Andalucian approach offers a distinct take on the annual feast, adding local elements to highlight the joy and happiness of the event, allowing travellers to vacation across the region and find highlights for all tastes. Furthermore, the region offers a rare and excellent climate, adding the perfect temperature to the mix.

While they have already begun a number of group contests, the best is yet to come. The costumes, parades and street parties begin in Malaga on February 2nd, while Cadiz will start on the 7th and run through the 13th with a full programme that cannot be missed.

If You Speak of Carnaval, You Have to Speak of Food

Each year in Malaga, the famous “Great boqueroná” offers the chance for locals and visitors alike to savour the taste of local anchovy dishes, prepared in vinegar. Meanwhile, Carnaval in Cadiz requires mention of the typical fried fish packs that everyone carries throughout the streets, taking in the varied performances on the docket, including parades, street musicians, choirs, comedians).

A Bit of Local Flavour: The Burial of Anchovy

In Malaga, the Carnival comes to an end in a very unique way. Each year, local organizers chose a significant event that has occurred during the previous year and build a giant anchovy to represent the story. The enormous model travels through the streets of the city to the Malagueta, accompanied at all times by a funeral procession, setting a stage of anticipation for next year.

Moreover, the Carnival of Cadiz has been recognized as an item of international tourist interest and has been listed as one of ten Intangible Cultural Heritage Treasures of Spain. Two more reasons to those who have not yet decided to go and meet them.

Hotel Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz

Hotel Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz

The Fuerte Hotels group offers several hotels to enjoy the joys of the holidays in full. The Hotel Fuerte Conil-Costa Luz is located just 30 minutes from the centre of Cadiz and has prepared a special offer . In the Costa del Sol, the Hotel Fuerte Marbella offers guests great comfort with a unique sea view.

Do not waste a minute heading south to Cadiz and Malaga for this year’s Carnival and we will see you in the streets.

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