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Malaga nightlife offers you the chance to walk around the streets of the capital. Here you will find anything from traditional tapas bars to modern clubs. In downtown Malaga, the modern meets the classic to shape the main leisure hub of the capital. The nearby streets are a maze of tapas bars and cellars where visitors can purchase wines, including the typical sweet wine from Malaga.

In addition, during the weekend, countless young people gather there to visit the bars and pubs to enjoy the night scene in Malaga. The locals usually do not go partying before midnight, and it is normal to go back home after sunrise, but not without having some breakfast on the way back.

Where to go at night in Malaga

Malaga nightlife - Málaga



Plaza Mitjana (Mitjana Square)

Here you can find a great diversity of establishments to have drinks at a fair price, especially if you get there early, because some bars offer discounts. There are also pubs where you can have some shots in Malaga, such as La Botellita and Urbano, the most famous ones.

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Plaza Uncibay (Uncibay Square)

Plaza Uncibay is home of most of Malaga’s nightlife, including the area near the Cathedral of Malaga and the streets around the square. Here, pubs and bars are not one right next to the other, or in front of each other, they are scattered in different areas but not far away.

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La Malagueta

If you are looking for a more hip and modern place where young people gather, you can visit La Malagueta. There are numerous bars, pubs and clubs, including Malaga’s most exclusive establishments, and, at the same time, there are nice restaurants and bars where you can have a nice meal before the party starts.

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El Palo y Pedregalejo

This is Malaga’s most cosmopolitan area. It offer many places to have a good time, as well as tapas bars, all you would need to enjoy a fine evening in Malaga.

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Main pubs and clubs in Malaga

Sala Gold

Malaga nightlife - Sala Gold

The famous Sala Gold offers music for all tastes. From salsa, bachata or merengue to electronic, including Spanish pop and pop in English. The feel of the place is very nice; there is even a mixture of ages and foreign people that are here either as participants of the Erasmus program or on holidays.

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Sala Wengé

Malaga nightlife - Sala Wengé

Attractive people, R&B and electronic music mixed with some other styles, a spectacular sound system and a great service. Aimed at a very diverse crowd, ranging from students to older people, which gathers in a place that is perfect to have a great time.

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Sala Premier

Malaga nightlife - Sala Premier

Sala Premier is a pub in downtown Malaga. Its decor is based on the world of cinema: Oscars style red carpet, chairs with the names of famous directors, stools with the faces of famous actors and actresses… any movie fan will be happy.

This is the ideal establishment if you are looking for a fun place to have some drinks. It offers a great selection of beers and cocktails. Order a half pint of Paulaner or and imported beer; it also serves Alhambra and Cruzcampo, if you are looking for something a bit more traditional.

Dried fruits and nuts are usually served with the drinks and there are board games available if you are up for that.

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Malaga nightlife - Discoteca

A modern pub in downtown Malaga. It mixes Spanish and international pop with R&B-Dance.  Its audience is large groups and young people. On Fridays, there usually are parties for the participants of the Erasmus program. It is a very nice place where you can have fun with friends and meet new people.

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Malaga nightlife - Malafama

Malafama is a bar located at Malaga’s old town, where, during the weekends, the locals get together. It has enjoyed a progressive growth having been the it place for the last couple of years. Theme parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, Dj’s and a good service have made said growth possible. Its four bars, the central dance floor and the VIP area will make you feel as if you were partying with your best friends and wishing the night did not have to end.

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Malaga nightlife - Liceo

It is a two-story house, which means there are different rooms in which to dance; it truly is one of the best and nicest clubs in Malaga. The crowd is usually young and the music varies from commercial electronic to “Paquito el Chocolatero”; good times are guaranteed.

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Malaga nightlife - Anden

Andén is one of the biggest and most famous clubs in Malaga; it features two large independent and connectable halls, four bars, six VIP lounges, thirteen screens, two cloakrooms and an unbeatable location next to a taxi stand. It offers a unique location for any kind of party or event. It only plays mainstream music and reggaeton to a varied crowd.

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Malaga nightlife - Theatro

Theatro Club offers live performances seven nights a week, with a list of shows that favors burlesque and cabaret but that will leave room for theater plays, jazz sessions, flamenco performances, singer/songwriters, poetry recitals, stand-up comedy, dances, movie screenings, tributes and homages, and many other artistic proposals. Theatro Club features, among its main attractions, a beautiful setting inspired by the most distinguished cabarets; the interior has been transformed into a small theater that includes a professional stage and the crowd varies depending on the party or the event taking place. Without a doubt, it is a new a different kind of club where visitors can enjoy a great party in Malaga.

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Toulouse Club


A hip club in Malaga that is divided in two stories. Beautifully decorated, it has shortly become one of the it places for the locals, especially thanks to its brilliant resident Dj. It mixes a great atmosphere with an unparalleled service. The ultimate club for a perfect party night in Malaga.

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El Pimpi

Malaga nightlife - Bodegas El pimpi

El Pimpi is one of the most emblematic places to experience Malaga’s traditional cuisine. It is the typical pub to visit before going partying at downtown Malaga. It is located at calle Granada, although it can be accessed through calle Alcazabilla. It is specialized on the sweet wine from Malaga. You can order from a great selection of wines and enjoy typical tapas from Malaga.

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La Guarida

Malaga nightlife - La Guarida

La Guarida is one of the most famous pubs in Malaga due to its traditional “porrones” (spouted glass jars).  In the “porrones” several drinks can be mixed to take it to the table and drink it in shots.

The porrones have typical Malaga names such as Fistro (a reference to Chiquito de la Calzada) and suggestive names such as Afrodisíaco (Aphrodisiac). La Guarida is an excellent place to have drinks at cheap prices before partying at downtown Malaga.

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