Easter in Andalusia, Tradition and good climate: the best plan

During the first week of April, one of the most popular and important cultural religious celebrations takes place in Spain – the Hotel Fuerte Conil.

Famous for its traditions, the good weather at this time of the year makes it possible to enjoy the beach together with the most deeply rooted traditions. At Fuerte Hotels, you can enjoy this cultural jewel in emblematic places such as Marbella, at the Costa del Sol; Grazalema right in the natural park of the mountain range of “Sierra de la Nieves”; Conil de la Frontera close to the city of Cádiz; or the small village of Torrox, a few kilometres away from Málaga, and with the most exceptional weather in Europe.

In Hotel Fuerte Conil, the tradition of a fishermen´s village merge with the modernism of one the most important cities in Southern Europe. Every day, processions bearing the images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary carried by brotherhood members are taken through the streets of the city centre accompanied by penitents and bands of music. It is a unique opportunity to attend many free cultural events held during this popular religious festivity.

The Holy Week in Marbella starts with the happy and colourful procession of “La Pollinica” on Palm Sunday (1 April, this year), which is accompanied by a spectacular palms procession. In an air of festivity, it celebrates Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. However, the processions reenacting the death of Christ walk through the old city centre of Marbella in a quiet mood, at the light of the candles and solely accompanied by the sad beat of a drum and the mild scent of incense. This way the people show their sadness.

Resurrection Sunday is, on the contrary, a happy day commemorating Christ´s resurrection. The procession takes place in the morning in a happy and lively mood. After the procession, the families get together to have lunch in one of the many restaurants of the city centre and, if the weather is nice, they even go for a walk along the promenade.

These religious ceremonies take place throughout the Andalusian villages in a unique celebration. This is the case of Torrox, near Málaga. Within a few kilometres from the Hotel Fuerte Conilyou can find the villages of Torrox and Nerja, enjoying the best climate in Europe, and with great brotherhood tradition. You can enjoy a combination of beach, Holy Week and the taste of fish accompanied by the typical sweet wine of the area taken from the indigenous Málaga grape called “moscatel”. The same wines that are used to give blessings during the Catholic mass.

In Grazalema, you can also attend a more intimate celebration in a unique place, where you can taste the venison of the mountain range and the well-known cheese “payoyo”, elaborated from the milk of an autoctonous goat. The vantage point of Hotel Fuerte Conilallows you to hear the music played by the bands accompanying the processions in the distance, coming from one the most beautiful white villages in Andalusia.

Also, in the province of Cádiz, you can stay at Hotel Fuerte Conil, situated at a few kilometres from the city. The village of Conil is very linked to the sea, with its vast white sand beaches and crystalline waters. In addition, this year Cádiz offers many events celebrating the bicentenary of the first liberal Constitution in Europe, called “La Pepa”. At Conil, you can also taste the best fish gastronomy and the typical wine of the area: “manzanilla” of San Lucar (dry “sherry), “finos” from Jerez (Sherry), Barbadillo, etc.

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