Torrox Celebrates its Annual Fest of Migas this December 23rd – Come for a Taste

Costa del Sol View

Costa del Sol View

As the winter holidays chill the rest of Europe, take this chance to explore every corner of a town known for having one of the best climates in all of Europe.

Torrox is a municipality located on the Costa del Sol, situated on the sea just by the Nerja. Given its excellent climate and geographical location, Torrox offers a wide range of routes for tourists to explore the monuments, treasures and good atmosphere that come to dominate each and every street, especially as Christmas arrives.

Each year, residents of this special corner of Spain, which has been declared a point of National Tourist Interest in Andalucía, gather to present the traditional Festival of Migas. This event serves as a tribute to the region’s most typical dish, allowing guests to savour the taste of this delicious specialty, accompanied by a glass of local wine and an arriera salad. Visitors can also enjoy the best of local culinary treasures, including typical samples of honey, raisins and figs.

Each year, this traditional festival of food, music and dancing draws nearly 30,000 guests to the region, making it one of the area’s best-known cultural and culinary gatherings. Truly fun for the whole family.

If you want to take the opportunity to spend a weekend here are some of the best local routes to discover the delights of Torrox:

The Historic Route

Beginning in the Constitution Square runs through the town’s oldest streets, past some of the most storied, ancient monuments, including the Casa de la Hoya, the towers that made up the Arab Wall, the mint from the XVII and XVI centuries and the legendary Hermitage, situated in the Plaza de San Roque.

The Morisca Route

This typical route in Torrox shows visitors a rare glimpse of contrasting colourful balconies and white walls that run throughout the streets of the town. The Arab streets offer up the town’s historical roots before ascending to serve up panoramic views of the town, the local farms and stunning coastline.

The Scenic Route

As its name suggests, this beautiful route offers the best views from highpoints throughout Torrox, including the wonderful white houses of the town set against the blue Mediterranean and the Argentino River.

The Roman Road

A journey through the promenade of Ferrara will take us to the remains of the Roman city, including the factory Caviclum, which stands as a testament to the town’s great archaeological value and true origin of Torrox. There, guests can see mosaics, sculptures, urns ánforasm, coins, pottery kilns, villa and baths.

The Aderramanes Route

This route takes visitors from the Convent at the Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows through the town to the Almedina (which in its Arab history was a fortress) to discover the vestiges of the Hospital San Jose dating back to the eighteenth century, the Paseo de las Moreras or monumental Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, built in the sixteenth century, complete with a Baroque structure and a Latin cross.

The Almanzor Route

This route runs through the historic old town of Torrox, along a path of decorative tiles, which tell a charming story of local history.

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