When We Choose A Hotel, It’s Women And Children First

When choosing a destination for family vacations, it is usually the women who take the lead – a conclusion backed up by several studies. When the whole family wants to spend a few days relaxing, there are a number of factors to consider. What is the factor that holds the most weight during the decision making process? No doubt, it’s finding a destination where parents and children can relax in comfort without sacrificing the well-being of the former or the fun of the latter.

It is this point in the process where mothers usually play a major role, as the fate of the holiday is usually tied to the choice of the hotel. In fact, in many occasions, it’s the hotel’s amenities that help create the ideal experience.

There are some hotels that are designed for families and therefore offer activities for all ages. Children tend to be a key part of this process as they most commonly share their preferences with their parents. In some hotels, there is entertainment designed for children, organic gardens with educational activities and youth hiking, among other playful options.

But what about older guests? These establishments also organise activities specifically for adults, as well as other options where parents can interact with their children and create a relaxed family atmosphere where everyone can enjoy their leisure time together.

Recently, the Rural Tourism Observatory conducted a study that found that the bulk of decision making when it came to holidays fell to women, finding that seven out of ten comments left online about accommodations were made by females. And what factors were considered most important? According to the study, cleanliness and comfort were deemed more important than other aspects like landscape or environment. In this sense, they found that hotel photos often left more of an impression than price.

A number of hoteliers are taking note of this factor and on an international level, adapting their services to more feminine sensibilities. This is reflected on hotel industry websites like Hotelnewsnow, noting that women use a significant amount of their time selecting these products and even those mothers who work outside the home are commonly responsible for managing the family vacation.

The role of women choosing the hotel for the family vacation has been an observation for many, many years. These days, hoteliers are increasingly taking notice and adapting to their specific demands. The preferences of children are taken into account and valued by parents when choosing a suitable destination for the whole family to enjoy. Where should you vacation next time? The answer is that most hotels offer, in addition to basic amenities and services, a selection of activities that are suitable for all, where the whole family can enjoy each other’s company.

What about your home? Who chooses the vacation destination?

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