Guide to the best vegetarian restaurants on the Costa de la Luz

Whether it is because you are rethinking your relationship with animals or just because you feel like trying one of the most fashionable gastronomic trends today, let us just say that there is a whole world beyond the mass consumption of tofu and lentil burgers. So if you’re vegetarian, vegan or just enjoy good food, we have chosen the best vegan restaurants on the Costa de la Luz.

With offerings for all tastes-from the most formal to the most informal-because there is room for everything in what is much more than a diet, but rather a life philosophy. You’ll love this tasty and creative food which is much more than green.

The best Costa de la Luz Vegetarian restaurants


1. Chilimosa (Tarifa, Cádiz)

Costa de la Luz Vegetarian restaurants - Chilimosa

If you are vegetarian, you must visit Chilimosa, a restaurant located in the Cádiz city of Tarifa. Its natural cuisine uses the best organic produce to prepare its creations. At Chilimosa, you will discover new flavours and textures through delicious vegetarian dishes with international influences. Enjoy healthy, environmentally friendly food in the setting of Chilimosa. You’ll love it.

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2. Tu Casa (Chiclana, Cádiz)

Costa de la Luz Vegetarian restaurants - Tu Casa

In Chiclana you will find Tu Casa restaurant, which is a home away from home. It is located in the Los Gallos residential development and has a gastronomic offering that will delight all kinds of diners.

We recommend the couscous with vegetables or the gluten-free green lasagne. The artisanal desserts are also all home-made. The tiramisu, cheesecake and chocolate cake will dazzle your palate.

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3. La Veganesa (Cádiz)

Costa de la Luz Vegetarian restaurants - La Veganesa

El Veganesa is the go-to for local vegetarians, since it is ideal for both vegetarians and those looking for healthy, well balanced food. Its offering is distinguished by preparations made with organic produce. Another reason to visit is that each day you can try something completely new, since its menu changes daily.

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4. Tarifa Eco Center – Bio Vegan-friendly Restaurant (Tarifa, Cádiz)

Costa de la Luz Vegetarian restaurants - Tarifa Ecocenter

Healthy food to make you feel healthy is the main concern of Tarifa Eco Center, a vegetarian restaurant that you will find in Tarifa. Its setting makes it ideal for visiting with a partner and enjoying a healthy, organic and tasty meal.

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5. Bar Montes – Vegan-friendly (Algeciras, Cádiz)

Costa de la Luz Vegetarian restaurants - Bar Montes

This place has Andalusian vegetarian cuisine worthy of a Michelin star. Here you can try delicious, professional and, above all, authentic dishes. It offers a wide range of starters, hot and cold soups and meat substitutes.

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6. Nazaret de Moguer (Moguer, Huelva)

Costa de la Luz Vegetarian restaurants - Nazaret de Moguer

This is a cosy, charming restaurant with a set idea of “healthy and high quality eating.” If you like eating healthy, organic produce, Nazaret de Moguer is for you. Here you can enjoy dishes such as quinoa timbal, veggie taco wrap, skin tone salad or the exquisite courgette pasta.

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7. Granja Santa Ana Tapas Restaurant(Cádiz)

Costa de la Luz Vegetarian restaurants - Restaurante de Tapas Granja Santa Ana

This establishment is not just for vegetarians, since it specialises in creative cuisine that fuses local gastronomy with that of different cultures, such as Arabic, Italian and Northern European. It also has special dishes for kids, vegetarians and celiacs, with special bread for these groups.

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8. Jaipur Indian Restaurant (Puerto de Santa Maria, Cádiz)

Costa de la Luz Vegetarian restaurants - Jaipur Indian Restaurant

This restaurant is not strictly speaking vegetarian, through its menu has a wide range of dishes suitable for this group.

At the Jaipur Indian Restaurant you can dazzle your palate with the wide array of flavours and spices that characterise traditional Indian cuisine. From starters that include salads, samosas and pakoras to mains that include tandoori preparations and chicken, lamb and fish curries, accompanied by the always essential rice and naan bread.

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