Gatrobares de Andalucía

Reinventing the most original tapas: a tour around some of the best restaurants in Andalucia

Potato salad tapas, meat with tomato tapas, fried eggs, omelette, croquettes, patatas bravas tapas … the list is endless. Small bites of these delicacies have internationalized Spanish cuisine and taken a step further, becoming more modern, turning the typical Spanish tapas into authentic personalised creations.

Around this original tapas trend has emerged a new concept of bar, the gastrobar, which offers a review of haute tapas cuisine, with renewed flavours and affordable prices. We could say that this is the result of combining gourmet restaurant and tapas bar design, which is more than ever committed to the snacking spirit of Andalucia.

Some go beyond gastrobars and prefer to call them neotabers, at any rate, this trend features contemporary personal venues, where enjoyment and innovation are the main dishes. We could say that this concept involves the modernization of Andalucian culture to go out and have tapas, with creations like duck rolls and black rice, sushi tapas, tatakis bluefin tuna and many more. Therefore we invite you to take a tour of these areas that have burst onto the culinary scene of towns and cities for our palate’s delight:


1 Gastrobar 3C, Marbella

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Gastrobar 3C, Marbella

Gastrobar 3C, Marbella

Located in the centre of Marbella, Gastrobar 3C has the same owners as the legendary Marbella Patio restaurant. Lovers of good food and those eager to try new textures, flavours and sauces from different places think of this gastrobar as the perfect place. It has a good atmosphere and a modern and elegant décor together with a terrace overlooking a typical Andalucian narrow street, facing the Plaza de Los Naranjos. The restaurant offers salads, vegetables and free-range Iberian pork and beef grilled meat, also having added some of the best tapas recipes and more modern dishes.

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2 Gastrobar Lumbreras Tapas, Seville

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Gastrobar Lumbreras Tapas, Sevilla

Gastrobar Lumbreras Tapas, Sevilla

So far we had not mentioned that gastrobars are popular amongst connoisseurs and food lovers.. This is what what Lumbreras Tapas, in Seville wants, a fashionable shop in Seville thanks to its creative gourmet snacks: it only has 17 delicious tapas in its menu, but you do not need more. A chalkboard wall announces the suggestions of the house, so the choice is easy and your option will probably be the right one:  yakisoba fried with vegetables, squid and onions with socarrat black rice and truffle aioli or tuna belly with marmitako juice. Bon Apetit!

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3 Gastrobar El Alcalde, Isla Cristina – Huelva

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Gastrobar El Alcalde, Isla Cristina

Gastrobar El Alcalde, Isla Cristina

Isla Cristina in Huelva, is a gastronomic destination of reference because of its seafood, where the white shrimp has the central stage. But if we want to go for something different other than the traditional fried fish, the gastrobar El Alcalde is a good place for it, a different bar with maritime and land innovations. There are many tapas you can try at this bar, but as a safe bet, we recommend the tuna paprika, one of its star dishes with risotto and salad roe. This is a very imaginative cuisine with a review of the most authentic dishes of the Huelva sea, still enjoying a kind and close relationship with the area.

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4 Gastrobar La Maroma, Grazalema

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Gastrobar La Maroma, Grazalema

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Gastrobar La Maroma, Grazalema

If you thought gastrobares were only found in towns and villages along the coast, you were wrong. La Maroma Gastrobar, located in the traditionall white village of Grazalema Cadiz, is set in the world of the Toro de cuerda (Bull rope), typical of this area. They boast, and they are right, to offer a lifelong kitchen but with a different twist through their tapas, sandwiches, toast, rope nests, crisp salads and their special dessert ‘maromero’. You will need to try to see what is that all about! Another classics which could not be absent in their menu is the payoyo cheese, native to this land, as well as mushrooms presented in original combinations and flavours.

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 5 Gatrobar Tapadaki, Málaga

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Gastrobar Tapadaki, Málaga

Gastrobar Tapadaki, Málaga

This is the name you get when you mix Japanese food and tapas: Tapadaki. This gastrobar in the centre of Málaga offers a perfect fusion of traditional Mediterranean and Asian food, mostly Japanese. From this culinary experience we get to taste dishes such as braised lamb with sauce kimuchi juice, octopus brochette with smoked mashed potatoes, cous cous with vegetables, the pitaroll of chaps and a great amount of original tapas with explosive flavour that you cannot miss.

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 6 Boca en Boca Gastrobar, Marbella

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Boca en Boca Gastrobar, Marbella

Boca en Boca Gastrobar, Marbella

Marbella is a cosmopolitan city and as such, you will always find the latest trends in the food industry. Another good example is Boca en Boca Gastrobar. This cozy gastrobar is a perfect place to have a glass of wine on the terrace next to the promenade and enjoy a wide variety of original tapas prepared with great care. Quality and charm are its best introduction, although it shares this position with its bluefin tuna tataki.

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 7 Gastrobar Agrojardín, Estepona

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Gastrobar Agrojardín, Estepona

Gastrobar Agrojardín, Estepona

The name already invites you to visit it, and you will find out it does honour this name. The Gastrobar Agrojardín Estepona offers guests a heavenly atmosphere, surrounded by greenery and fountains that take you to another place, but will bring you back to the table when you notice the wonderful smell of its culinary creations based on burgers, prawns or lamb, among many others. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere to make sure you want to return.

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 8 Gastrobar Taberna La Strazza, Conil

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Taberna La Strazza, Conil

Taberna La Strazza, Conil

Birthplace of bluefin tuna trap and cartuchitos of fried fish, Conil offers much more than traditional recipes for good food lovers. In gastrobar The Strazza tourists and local share a love for their skewers and good wine. Go with plenty of time to spare or patience, because it can be quite full during the busy months, one can say that there are literally queueing up to try their Tataky tempura, as well as for the rest of its creations, many based on the sought after tuna from Conil or Barbate.

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9 Huerto 83 GastroBar, Nerja

Best restaurants in Andalucia: Huerto 83 GastroBar, Nerja

Huerto 83 GastroBar, Nerja

“I’d go again and try the whole menu!”, This is one of the comments which can be read on TripAdvisor about 83 gastrobar Garden. Nerja offers traditional dishes with a modern twist, which include tapas and dishes like hummus, Iberian black rice, and black noodles with eels or potatoes with spicy touch jackets. And best of all, good quality and … cheap! The menu is varied and they have a menu for children.. Ideal for the whole family!

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 10 El Desván Gastrobar, Torrox

Best restaurants in Andalucia: El Desván Gastrobar, Torrox

El Desván Gastrobar, Torrox

Again Mediterranean cuisine and tapas lead the restaurant menu at Gastrobar El Desvan, in Torrox Costa. The talented chef invites you to taste the best of the land with a good presentation shown in dishes such as salmon tartare and avocado, scrambled eggs with asparagus and, of course, the seafood paella. As for desserts, orange jam with pistachio and hot chocolate will melt the coldest palate. It also has a terrace from which to enjoy the best climate in Europe, symbol of this area of ​​the Costa del Sol in the centre of Axarquía.

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Are you hungry yet?

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