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Post-Holiday Blues? Combat It With These 10 Simple Tips

The days of rest have come to an end for most of us, so what’s next? Back to work, routine and day-to-day stress. This readjustment can cause a sense of restlessness, irritability and anxiety among those returning to a daily routine after weeks of relaxation and disconnection. This is known as the Post-Holiday Blues and can affect us all without warning. But is there any way to fight it? The answer is, Yes.

If you find yourself with this condition after you’ve arrived home from the holidays, remember these ten tips suggested by Granada-based psychologist Andres Lopez as a way of getting through those first days back at work unscathed.

1. Break Up Your Holiday

The first thing to remember is to break up your holiday throughout the year. Do not try to focus all of your lazy days of relaxation at one time. Instead of taking a whole month off, distribute a few weeks throughout the year so you’ll have periods of respite when you need them most. In this way, you’ll always be relatively close to a long holiday weekend and all the rest it allows.

2. Don’t Return Immediately

Returning from the holidays can be jarring. If you return to work the next day, the shock can be even greater. A handy tip is to match balance the pace of work after the holidays have come to an end, allowing you to gradually return to your return. We always try to take make the most of the time we have away from home, but this can backfire sometimes due to the shock of the return. Its best to go home a couple of days before and slowly ease into the warmth of life at home.

3. Do Not Only Focus On Work

Work is a very important component of most people’s lives, but by no means is it the only one. Try to spread your interests around to other parts of your life. There are times when we realise ourselves through our work, but this is not always the case. If we divide our attention into other parts of our life, the weight of work will seem diluted and not seem as if its the only responsibility in our lives. You can try your hand at theatre, practice music, dance, write – any hobby that makes you feel accomplished. In this way, you can explore other facets of your life that can serve as motivation to get you through the day.

4. Improve Your Work Environment

Holidays can be an interesting topic to share with your co-workers, helping to strengthen workplace bonds through your experiences. A relaxed work environment and relaxed co-workers helps people feel more comfortable when they are working. You can also decorate your office to personalise it and make it your own.

5. Bring New Ideas To Work

One of the most promising things you can take away from your days off is the chance to disconnect and come back with renewed energy. Try to use that energy to come up with new ideas of how to be better at your job, including new ideas about how to create new business, develop creative solutions or workplace alternatives that can make you more comfortable in your role at work. The most important thing to remember is to avoid slipping back into a negative mood. Instead, focus on the positive and remain in the present.


6. Start Back To Work In The Middle Of The Week

It may seem like an irrelevant idea, but psychologically, starting work on any day except for Monday helps ease the impact of your return. Head back to work in the middle of the week with a positive attitude and it will help make the transition back much easier. That way, Saturdays and Sundays look closer, offering us some comfort when we get back in the office.

7. Escape The Routine

Coming home from vacation means a return to work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a return to a routine that we don’t like. Holiday Blues are not the only reason why returning to a routine can be difficult. Its important to remember that we can return with a break from our everyday routine. Try going to the movies, theatre, concerts, poetry readings, football games – anything you like that breaks up your routine and makes you feel better. Do not be a robot in your behaviour and you’ll be amazed at how much it helps every day.

8. Practice Sports

There is a Latin phrase that says “Mens sana in corpore sano” and it is very true. Practising sports allows the release of substances that keep one’s mind in shape as well as their body. Physical activity is the greatest enemy of depression. Choose a sport that you like and increase its frequency after your holidays in order to shed those few extra pounds you may have returned with.

9. Set Small Goals

If you arrive back at work only to look to the calendar, waiting for your next vacation, you’re very likely to develop some anxiety. Forget about that and focus on small goals that can excite you. An upcoming birthday, a weekend getaway, a festival…. anything that makes you feel better by being on the horizon. It isn’t necessary to take a full week’s vacation to unwind. A few days can do it if you time it right.

10. Allow Yourself Small Daily Pleasures

Treat yourself at work, not just when you’re on vacation. You work hard, right? Remember to allow yourself small pampering sessions each day. Prepare a bubble bath, eat your favourite dessert, watch a television programme you like. Do something you like and feel good about it.

These ten steps can help make your return to work more bearable. Follow them and see how much better you feel about returning to work. Don’t forget that just because you’ve returned from your holidays does not mean you can’t enjoy the pleasures that life allows.

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