We are pleased to present the new image of Forti, the best companion for children on family holidays

When summer comes around, it’s not just the adults we need to think about. The little ones also get their holidays and want to enjoy them to the max. Coming up with a good travel plan where both young and old can have a good time on holiday seems an impossible task, but there are […]

Feel at home during the holidays: 10 reasons why a family atmosphere is important in hotels

Being called by name, finding a smile on the face of the person helping you or receiving good advice while on holiday are details that make your hotel stay more satisfying. When choosing accommodation, cleanliness, comfort and technology are not the only things to think about, but also the link between the host and the […]

Family Holidays: Kids Weekend In Conil de la Frontera


When planning ahead for this year’s All Saints Puente (Halloween), or long weekend, the question of what to do with the kids can be a difficult one. We suggest booking a trip to Conil de la Frontera this November 1st, 2nd and 3rd for an ideal event for younger guests of Fuerte Hoteles – the birthday […]

Stories From The Hotel: The Customer Is Always Right – Or Not!

Once again we want to share with you an amusing story that happened at Fuerte Hotels. In the hotel industry, there is a premise, which really applies to all businesses, that “the customer is always right.” However, the truth is that sometimes, they are not. Here we offer an example of this, where the guest […]

A Fun Anecdote: Hotels With Animals And Their Stories

Hoteles que admiten animales

We all know that hotels have many stories to tell thanks to a steady stream of people of all sorts of backgrounds and personalities coming and going throughout the day. The truth is that increasingly, it’s not just people arriving, but animals too, making it necessary for tourism establishments to adapt to the needs of […]

What can you do with the kids during the holidays? Destinations for Families

Playa de Marbella

Last week, we offered some recommendations for travel destinations for families with children. Given the positive response we received, we thought we’d offer some hints about what to do with the kids during the holidays. Let’s take a look at Andalusia’s Costa del Sol through a lens of activities, plans and recommended routes for the […]

Hotel’s Amusing Anecdotes: The Story of the Maid and Chocolate

If Fuerte Hotels is known to excel at anything, it’s the relationship between our team of employees and our guests. During the course of this summer’s #yorepito video campaign, we asked our guests to share their experiences at Fuerte Hotels and why they come back year after year. Now, we’ve turned our attention to another […]

A family holiday: what to do with children?

The end of the school year signals the arrival of summer and with it, the the long awaited holidays for the whole family. Traveling with children along for the ride is not always easy, so its important to plan your trip well and choose a destination where the whole family can relax and enjoy all […]

The Hotel Fuerte El Rompido Has Reopened Its Doors With Big Plans

After a long winter break, the Southern Spanish destination has returned with an extended range of leisure, cultural and sports amenities, all designed to offer guests something far more than just sun and sand.

Fuerte Hoteles Summer Campaign

We are launching our summer campaign ‘I repeat’, where the leading role is played by our customers themselves because every year they choose us again and again for their holidays.

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