Feel at home during the holidays: 10 reasons why a family atmosphere is important in hotels

Being called by name, finding a smile on the face of the person helping you or receiving good advice while on holiday are details that make your hotel stay more satisfying. When choosing accommodation, cleanliness, comfort and technology are not the only things to think about, but also the link between the host and the hotel staff. This relationship will make us feel better on our holidays and will enrich our trip even further. Here are ten reasons why family service in hotels is important.


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1. Guest treatment

Feeling like a guest rather than as a customer is very important to your comfort at the hotel. This is one of the reasons that rural tourism has been growing in recent years and which many hotel chains have introduced into their company policies. Being treated like a guest gives you a higher degree of confidence and makes you feel safer. If you travel, make sure this is offered in the accommodation you choose.

2. Sense of belonging to the place

The family atmosphere heightens the sense of belonging to the place. In many cases, especially if you travel abroad, it is important that you feel like you are part of the place where you are. A people’s personality is a hallmark and is also an attraction for tourism. A clear example of this is Andalusian idiosyncrasies, highly valued in Tourespaña tourist satisfaction polls. If you feel close to the staff who are looking after you, you will feel more at home in the place you are visiting.

3. Increased competition

Competition in the tourism sector is very broad and covers various fields. Businesses must keep abreast of all developments in the service and adapt to the factors that emerge from the studies. A close and friendly service is one of the additions that are now being included in company policies. The more careful they are with this service, the most competitive is the business and the more likely you are to go home happy.

4. Intangibles

A serious mistake made in some hotels is to base your marketing strategy on the physical. Technology, comfort and design are very important factors to consider, such as cleaning, but none of this makes sense if the customer service is not performed correctly. Intangible elements are as important as the tangible. If you like travelling, you will prefer being treated in a friendly way rather than just a polite way.

5. Enjoy the holiday

Don’t forget that the main purpose is to enjoy your holidays. If you are treated like a member of the family, you’ll feel closer to the staff in the facility. This will make you feel more comfortable when asking about activities, attractions to visit or restaurants to try to local cuisine. This willingness to help in the planning of your day helps you to have more fun and to get you organised so that you don’t forget to see or do anything.


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6. Likely to return

If you feel comfortable in a place, you’ll feel more loyal to that place which can be very beneficial for you. If the hotel manages to earn your trust, if you ever go back to the city, you may go back to that place which created those close feeling and which helped you out. That security which the friendly treatment gives you is essential when returning to the same destination where you feel comfortable.

7. Using the language

It is unlikely that there will be people who speak your language in every place you go, but if you are spoken to in your native language, that gives you enormous satisfaction. Simply saying hello or goodbye to you and being able to understand them gives us a feeling of closeness. This is very positive when travelling because you can communicate better with staff and you don’t have that language barrier which can be a problem when you need information about the area you’re visiting.

8. Difference in similar locations

A friendly service can mean that, if there are multiple choices about where to go, you’ll probably choose a specific one. This factor can be very beneficial for you and should not be ignored. The close link between the visitor and staff is very important because, in similar places, one always opts one which inspires most confidence. If you’re going to spend a few days on holiday, you value not only the facilities but also the treatment you receive

9. Visitor identification

Being called by your name, recognising the voice on the phone or remembering small details of conversations you had with a staff member at a certain time are factors that make you feel at home. This ensures we are valued by the establishment and are not seen as simple room numbers. A bond of trust increases the comfort of our stay.

10. Potential visitors

The good thing about a good experience in accommodation is not only that we know we can go back to the city with confidence, but we can also recommend it to our friends and family. A place where we felt comfortable is the best advice you can give to a friend who wishes to travel to the destination that we have been.


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These are the ten key reasons why tourist accommodation must offer a warm welcome to guests. If you’re going travelling, take this factor into account as the difference will be clear while you are on holiday. This is a good tip that can further enrich our long-awaited holiday.


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