Hotel’s Amusing Anecdotes: The Story of the Maid and Chocolate

If Fuerte Hotels is known to excel at anything, it’s the relationship between our team of employees and our guests. During the course of this summer’s #yorepito video campaign, we asked our guests to share their experiences at Fuerte Hotels and why they come back year after year. Now, we’ve turned our attention to another viewpoint- that of our own employees.  

Our employees have plenty of stories to tell, including guests who’ve become friends, funny anecdotes, couples meeting at our facilities, leaving us hundreds we’d like to share. Today, we start with our first, sent by one of our colleagues, Petri Cantillo, a maid at Hotel Fuerte Conil. We’ll let her tell the story herself.

It was the summer of 2011, on a day with no shortage of ins and outs – definitively a busy day at Hotel Fuerte Conil. I remember arriving to prepare a room, since I am a maid.

Just then a guests comes to me – a woman of about 50 years, highly educated by the way – and asks, “Hey miss, when are you doing my room?”

I replied I would be done in five minutes and then I would start with her’s.

The woman appeared content with my answer and went off to find breakfast, I assume, and then my boss arrived and said she need me to prepare a room because there were customers to come. I told him yes, I would do it immediately. As the preparation seemed like the most urgent thing at the moment, I turned my attention to the exiting room and put a hold on the room I’d just been asked about. Just then, the guest reappeared  with a grumpy, “My room is still not clean!”

I told her that something urgent had come up but as soon as the guest exit was complete, I would start with hers.

At this point, the guest became even more angry. As soon as I finished the exit, I quickly turned my attention to to the woman’s room. In an effort to lower the tension, I made a flower with some towels and put it on the bed along with some chocolates and note that apologized for the delay in tending to her room.

Soon after, the guest searched the floor until she found me. When she did, the came to me with a smile on her face and apologized for her anger. She gave me a hug and two big kisses. I was quite surprised – it was a very endearing moment and I remember it with great personal satisfaction.

So that does it for our story from our colleague Petri – a story of the day to day experiences with our guests. If there is something we can learn from her experience, is that sometimes, things do not go as planned but when that happens, you just have to be a little creative to come up with a remedy to find a happy ending. Thanks Petri for your professionalism and for telling us your story. 


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